survival of the fittest

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a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment

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Callum Pardoe will be competing in Survival of the Fittest on ITV2 NICKY JOHNSTON
According to Claire Matthews, of Men's Health, the Survival of the Fittest aims to show the public that fitness can be fun.
It might be offputting to visitors, but if this continues -- through the natural process of survival of the fittest -- there will be a group of hardy social outcasts with the constitution of oxen, even if their lungs aren't up to much.
The survival of the fittest applies to current environmental conditions.
It was explained away as the natural evolutionary process of environmental pruning, survival of the fittest trees within the overpopulated groves.
We have confidence in what we're doing, and ultimately I think it's survival of the fittest.
com/scandal/season-6-episode-1-survival-of-the-fittest-guide/) Survival of the Fittest ," newly-declared president Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) was assassinated right in front of a huge crowd of audiences.
RYAN CHRISTIE insists it's survival of the fittest as Brendan Rodgers begins some cut-throat slashing of Celtic's bloated squad.
IT takes guts and muscle to take on a challenge like the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest challenge, but on Sunday in Cardiff, thousands did just that.
Survival of the Fittest, touted as the world's biggest urban obstacle race series, is expecting almost 4,000 people to run, swim, climb and crawl through obstacle after obstacle.
9pm BBC2) THE first part of Dr Michael Scott's fascinating new series about the ancient Greeks unravels a culture that championed survival of the fittest and whose obsession with the body beautiful rivalled even our own.
There is also an element of evolution in this, survival of the fittest.
God chose a simple carpenter, not an academic, that we lesser mortals could all understand the principles of life with courage so that we can live not as survival of the fittest by lying, cheating and strength of body, but by love, conscience and civilisation as we know it.
The young Scammonden driver is to take part in the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest Challenge - which involves a gruelling 10km run over a series of daunting obstacles.
The Survival of the Fittest 10k contest takes place on Sunday, October 18.
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