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Synonyms for survival

staying alive


Synonyms for survival

a state of surviving

a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment

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You make believe that you believe in the survival of the strong and the rule of the strong.
Its survival, with many other illustrious names, is one of the strongest arguments in refutal of Professor Cortoran's theory; yet it opens no new doors to the past, and, on the whole, rather adds to than dissipates the mystery.
In these trench habitations I saw a survival of the military trenches which formed so famous a part of the operation of the warring nations during the twentieth century.
They are akin to the tribes of fairy, survivals of the elder time when the woods and hills swarmed with the little green folk.
These findings come from the recently published Ministry of Health report Cancer Patient Survival 1994 to 2011.
Nowadays Survival Shows on the TV are becoming very popular and are really pulling a large enough audience.
Computer simulations based on the current donor pool suggest that more than 35,000 years of post-transplantation survival, and more than 10,000 years of incremental post-transplantation survival (i.
Embryo and larval salamanders exposed to environmentally realistic atrazine concentrations have been reported to have an increased desiccation risk 8 months after exposure had ceased (Rohr and Palmer 2005), indicating that the carryover effects of atrazine on amphibian survival should be explored.
Hanukkah is a celebration of the improbable survival of the Jewish people.
These studies showed that survival rates were not compromised when treatment regimens that included two or three cycles of neoadjuvant cisplatin/5-fluorouracil (5-FU) were used to select patients for definitive radiation therapy.
Survival ratios--the number of years that carried reserves will be available if the payment level continues--are primarily used to make a comparison of relative reserve levels for asbestos and environmental liabilities between insurance companies or to compare a company or group of companies' reserves to the industry average.
The Street Survival Newsline was created to fill this void.
Toward this end, this article reconstructs the Hashemite regime's multi-level, interactive survival strategy (henceforth Husseinism) during the aforementioned period and places it within the preceding theoretical framework.
Although long-term survival rates are not yet available, the overall cure rate for these treatments is probably less than the cure rate for liver transplant recipients with hepatoma.
Could it be that in identifying Still/Here as a narcissistic art of victimage, Croce may be missing the show's spectacular performance of survival - the attempt, as in Plath's poem, to counter the privacy and primacy of the individual self with the collective historical memory?
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