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an engineer who determines the boundaries and elevations of land or structures

someone who conducts a statistical survey

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The discovery was soon made, I imagine, that the new Surveyor had no great harm in him.
There, beside the fireplace, the brave old General used to sit; while the Surveyor -- though seldom, when it could be avoided, taking upon himself the difficult task of engaging him in conversation -- was fond of standing at a distance, and watching his quiet and almost slumberous countenance.
Meanwhile, there I was, a Surveyor of the Revenue and, so far as I have been able to understand, as good a Surveyor as need be.
Unbending the rigid folds of the parchment cover, I found it to be a commission, under the hand and seal of Governor Shirley, in favour of one Jonathan Pine, as Surveyor of His Majesty's Customs for the Port of Salem, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay.
The ancient Surveyor -- being little molested, suppose, at that early day with business pertaining to his office -- seems to have devoted some of his many leisure hours to researches as a local antiquarian, and other inquisitions of a similar nature.
Surveyor Pine, and from whose oral testimony he had made up his narrative, remembered her, in their youth, as a very old, but not decrepit woman, of a stately and solemn aspect.
Surveyor Pue, emphatically nodding the head that looked so imposing within its memorable wig; "do this, and the profit shall be all your own You will shortly need it; for it is not in your days as it was in mine, when a man's office was a life-lease, and oftentimes an heirloom.
Remembering their own former habits, they used to say that the Surveyor was walking the quarter-deck.
I had ceased to be a writer of tolerably poor tales and essays, and had become a tolerably good Surveyor of the Customs.
Here was a fine prospect in the distance Not that the Surveyor brought the lesson home to himself, or admitted that he could be so utterly undone, either by continuance in office or ejectment.
Then, moreover, as regarded his unceremonious ejectment, the late Surveyor was not altogether ill-pleased to be recognised by the Whigs as an enemy; since his inactivity in political affairs -- his tendency to roam, at will, in that broad and quiet field where all mankind may meet, rather than confine himself to those narrow paths where brethren of the same household must diverge from one another -- had sometimes made it questionable with his brother Democrats whether he was a friend.
Will Melville had seen the surveyors too, and had heard in the Temperance post-office that morning the probable sum that Mrs.
Since the arrival of the first quantity surveyor from Nigeria in Qatar almost two decades ago, there has been a huge demand for professionals in that field from Nigeria owing to their widely acknowledged professionalism with a number of them working in different top companies in Qatar.
However, Mr Peter Waihinya, a land surveyor based in Gatundu, says that knowing what to expect might make the process easier.
1) Pursuant to clause (d) of subsection (3) of section 112 the report of an insurance surveyor shall be subject to the conditions as laid down in sub rule (2).