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the practice of measuring angles and distances on the ground so that they can be accurately plotted on a map

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Whom Lady Tippins, surveying through her eye-glass, considers a fine man, and quite a catch; and of whom Mortimer remarks, in the lowest spirits, as he approaches, 'I believe this is my fellow, confound him
For some seconds he stood staggering in the car, which now swayed sickeningly, surveying the exasperated crowd below him and trying to collect his mind.
As they were surveying the last, the general, after slightly naming a few of the distinguished characters by whom they had at times been honoured, turned with a smiling countenance to Catherine, and ventured to hope that henceforward some of their earliest tenants might be "our friends from Fullerton.
Alec, surveying her with unusual pride and tenderness, as she went to show Aunt Peace her basket full of early flowers, fresh leaves, and curious lichens.
Who knows but he may be surveying of us from--from somewheres or another, and contemplating us with a watchful eye
At first glance, some might consider surveying a PMO to be a stretch for the BMPCOE, but the majority of the best practices recently validated have been in the management area (currently 33 percent of the total BMP database).
Interestingly, JCAHO has noted some reservations about this planned move to unannounced surveys from accredited facilities, indicating that they appreciate announced surveys as consistent with a collaborative, helpful process rather than one that represents a punitive "gotcha" approach to surveying.
Facilities can expect an increase in evening and weekend surveys, more rapid imposition of civil penalties, and stern warnings to state surveying agencies that if they don't perform their duties properly, they might be replaced by more energetic monitors.
0 offers a multitude of enhanced functions designed to make the surveying process simple and intuitive for the user, yet versatile and powerful for the enterprise.