surveillance system

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a closed-circuit television system used to maintain close observation of a person or group

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The Iraqi maritime surveillance system will provide the Iraqi Navy with improved command and control capabilities to efficiently monitor and protect Iraq's strategic maritime assets and territorial waters.
For the assessment, CSTE defined "interoperability" as the extent to which the configuration of a surveillance system allowed exchange of information by electronically connecting various stand-alone, disease-specific modules within the state or allowed exchange of information among dissimilar systems in different states.
About six minutes after that, the surveillance system caught an eruption of fire on the Glazier property, he said.
Laflamme and VanDerslice (2004) discuss the lack of standard environmental health questions in the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.
The surveillance system on the Vincennes was designed 20 years ago, he added; better systems are now under development.
By this time, hundreds of inhalational anthrax patients would be seen at hospitals, at least 1 day before the syndromic surveillance system, as modeled, would have a 50% probability of signaling the outbreak.
After researching and discussing various issues related to public health surveillance systems, the CDC Guidelines Working Group has composed a draft of Updated Guidelines for Evaluating Surveillance Systems.
The digital video surveillance systems market is growing significantly, boosted by heightened public and private security concerns as well as a technology shift.
Together with previously launched products, the company is now able to introduce AXIS F34 Surveillance System, a complete hardware and software package that allows for easy setup of a highly discreet HDTV surveillance system covering four closely situated indoor areas.
The system will be based on the Michigan Disease Surveillance System platform, a Web-based human disease reporting system implemented by the Michigan Department of Community Health (1,2).
A surveillance system provides for the ongoing collection, analysis, and dissemination of data to prevent and control disease.
PSJA recently installed a video surveillance system with over 110 video cameras in the three high school campuses and in the transportation department.
The Canadian federal malaria surveillance system collects insufficient data to interpret these fluctuations.
Navy and Defense Department for the Fixed Surveillance Systems of the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) Program.
In addition, the Atlanta Housing Authority has engaged SFS to install its eleventh video surveillance system at the Constitution Hill Apartments in Atlanta.
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