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Synonyms for surveillance

Synonyms for surveillance

the act of carefully watching

Words related to surveillance

close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)

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What's more, the Surveillance Cameras industry development trends and marketing channels are analyzed.
s Home Office underwrote a study of 14 surveillance systems and found that only one of them had a significant deterrent effect.
One reason behind the near-universal business use of surveillance technology is the need for regulatory compliance.
The New Era of Executive Unilateralism and Electronic Surveillance
Extensive virologic surveillance began in Lao PDR in July 2005.
Although administration officials repeatedly use the term "Terrorist Surveillance Program" to imply that they are only spying on known terrorists, the reverse is true.
Police say surveillance cameras, whether installed by businesses, homeowners or local governments, act as a powerful law-enforcement tool and crime deterrent.
Environmental public health tracking is the ongoing collection, integration, analysis, and dissemination of data from environmental hazard monitoring, human exposure tracking, and health effect surveillance (Figure 1).
Unlike operating informants, however, conducting a surveillance requires using the team concept.
VideoSave appraises client premises, determines surveillance needs, and manages the installation of unobtrusive surveillance cameras.
The hook seems to have inspired by a challenge posed by Rosen's fellow law professor, Lawrence Lessig, who several years back, called Rosen a technophobic "Luddite" for expressing concerns about the widespread installation of surveillance cameras in Great Britain following the wave of I.
Hedges initially functions as the primary figure of surveillance in the text, we are ultimately made to understand that her complicity with the powerful white man Junto springs from a history of sexual marginalization.
Utilizing the TDX is a rapid and cost-efficient way to achieve the surveillance coverage now required.
Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States have initiated the coalition aerial surveillance and reconnaissance (CAESAR) project in an effort to bring together and enhance existing and developing capabilities for ground surveillance.