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a man's overcoat in the style of a frock coat

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Brocklehurst adjusted the top button of his surtout, muttered something to his family, who rose, bowed to Miss Temple, and then all the great people sailed in state from the room.
His upper garment was a mixed surtout, wofully faded, and patched with newer stuff on each elbow; beneath this he wore a threadbare black coat, some of the silk buttons of which had been replaced with others of a different pattern; and lastly, though he lacked not a pair of gray pantaloons, they were very shabby ones, and had been partially turned brown by the frequent toasting of Peter's shins before a scanty fire.
John Brown, on the opposite sidewalk, portly and comfortable, with his furred cloak thrown open, disclosing a handsome surtout beneath.
Bob Sawyer, who was habited in a coarse, blue coat, which, without being either a greatcoat or a surtout, partook of the nature and qualities of both, had about him that sort of slovenly smartness, and swaggering gait, which is peculiar to young gentlemen who smoke in the streets by day, shout and scream in the same by night, call waiters by their Christian names, and do various other acts and deeds of an equally facetious description.
At another time, he stopped a close-fisted old fellow, of great wealth, but who skulked about the city in the guise of a scarecrow, with a patched blue surtout, brown hat, and mouldy boots, scraping pence together, and picking up rusty nails.
In the morning he wore creaking boots and gray trousers, and the short close surtout coat of the politician.
The visitor was about fifty-two years of age, dressed in one of the green surtouts, ornamented with black frogs, which have so long maintained their popularity all over Europe.
Mais c'est surtout en raison de la recherche d'une identite propre a la chanson marocaine, que les succes de Brahim Alami sont de plus en plus recherches et prises aujourd'hui par tout le monde.
Relations diplomatiques, qui s'affichent solides, surtout apres la revolution du 25 janvier.
Le chantier est colossal, pas seulement en termes de moyens financiers et materiels a mettre en œuvre ou encore des competences nationales a former, mais surtout en impliquant un nombre important d'intervenants a tous les niveaux en vue de passer d'un systeme de gestion a un autre.
Le ministre en a cite le respect de l'environnement, mais surtout le respect des ressources naturelles du pays surtout lors de la realisation des operations d'exploration.
Le Raja se trouve sur une voie ascendante surtout apres ses 6 derniers matches oE il a realise 5 victoires et un nul a Marrakech devant le KACM, l'autre club qui aspire achever sur une place sur le podium.
Le ministre de la Sante a surtout indique qu'il faut surtout s'articuler sur le respect des regles d'hygienes.
Ces operations apportent un plus a l'hygiene du milieu et a la protection de l'environnement, outre leur contribution a l'embellissement du cadre de vie du citoyen, surtout avec le sous-effectif des services d'hygiene au niveau des communes, a-t-il souligne.
beaucoup moins que] Tous les citoyens tunisiens doivent se mobiliser et contribuer a l'effort national surtout dans cette periode critique [beaucoup plus grand que], a dit Rached Ghannouchi ajoutant que [beaucoup moins que] ces derniers doivent etre aux cotes de nos forces de securite et de l'Armee , mais surtout aux cotes des habitants de la ville de Ben Gerdane qui demeure le cible des terroristes [beaucoup plus grand que].