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Synonyms for surround

Synonyms for surround

Synonyms for surround

envelop completely


Related Words

surround so as to force to give up

surround with a wall in order to fortify

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Mike Canevaro, director of sales for professional audio for SRS Labs said, "We are thrilled that Uncle Kracker chose Circle Surround to deliver surround sound to his audience.
Both Dolby and THX have created new trailers to introduce Surround EX that are scheduled to be released May 19, the same day as ``Phantom Menace.
A pair of surround speakers may cost as little as $80-$250.
With the ability for content creators to mix in a discrete format, Dolby Surround 7.
Circle Surround is a remarkable technology and we are very excited about its potential," stated Tom Yuen, Chairman of SRS Labs.
Setos, senior vice president of Fox: "Sound is an important part of the NFL on FOX broadcasts, and our sound production is being designed specifically to maximize the capabilities of Dolby Surround.
1 surround sound while developing its best-selling "Call of Duty[R] 2" for the Xbox 360[TM] video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.
1) audio source and renders surround sound from front-facing output speaker configurations ranging from 2.
1 surround over regular stereo headphones, allowing people to enjoy home theater style sound in a variety of listening situations without disturbing others.
This family of IP represents the industry's most widely used virtual surround technology, having been implemented in tens of millions of TVs worldwide from manufacturers such as Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.
NYSE:DLB) today announced that Lenovo has launched the Tianyi F50, its first notebook to feature Dolby([R]) Home Theater(TM), a suite of technologies that offer advanced home theater audio features and premium surround sound experiences.
EST tonight will be able to experience the CMA Awards in rich, vibrant surround sound from their home theaters or audio/video receivers equipped with Dolby Digital 5.
MASON, Ohio -- Following its well-received introduction to the software development and configuration management communities, Seapine Software's Surround SCM 5 is now available.