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a woman who bears a child for a couple where the wife is unable to do so

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With full surrogacy, the surrogate mother has no genetic link with the child.
Unlike in Britain, for instance, where a surrogate mother who has contributed the egg can claim the baby she has delivered as her own at any time during the first two years of the child's life, in India the surrogate mother signs away her rights to the baby as soon as she has delivered it.
A genetic surrogate mother uses her own eggs to conceive and carry a baby for another woman using the intended father's sperm.
The surrogate mother refused to hand over Carmen to Lake and Santos when she discovered that the two were gay.
The Real Madrid and Portugal star player welcomed twins Eva and Mateo by a surrogate mother in June 2017.
Key words: Surrogacy, surrogate mother, child, welfare of a child, ethics.
According to reports in the Turkish Cypriot press, little Sofia is back in the hands of her biological mother, Russian national Olga Mirimskaya, 55, after the surrogate mother, Svetlana Bezpiataia, 40, also a Russian, was arrested by the authorities in the north, together with three Greek Cypriots and an Albanian suspected of involvement in the child's alleged kidnapping.
T he proposed law is silent on crucial aspects like: 1) rights of the child if the adoptive-parents reject it mid-way or after birth; 2) rights of the surrogate mother if she faces health issues during and after pregnancy; 3) Rights of the family of surrogate mother if she loses life in the process of child birth; 4) Mandatory time period (spacing out) between previous pregnancy and the current one for the surrogate mother; 5) Couples who marry late in life (after 40s); 6) single women who do not want to marry but want to be mother nevertheless.
According to Russian Federal law (Article 55) 'On the basics of protection of the health of citizens in the Russian Federation' surrogacy is carrying and giving birth to a child within the contract, which is signed by surrogate mother and biological parents who gave their own sex cells.
The singer, from Cwmparc, Treorchy, tweeted the news to say that his two sons - born to a surrogate mother - arrived at 2.
Q My daughter is thinking of becoming a surrogate mother.
Israel's Supreme Court has ruled that a muscular dystrophy sufferer who is paralyzed in all four limbs cannot raise the baby conceived using sperm and egg donors and carried by a surrogate mother.
One of the methods that can be utilized under ART is surrogacy, where a surrogate mother carries and gives birth to a child for another couple or another person.
The surrogate mother may be genetically related to the child or not.