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a woman who bears a child for a couple where the wife is unable to do so

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These findings are particularly poignant as it opens the door to hopeful mothers using oocyte donation in order to fulfil their desire to have children, whilst alerting those who opt for surrogacy to the importance of the surrogate mother and the development of the child.
Add to that the recent case of a surrogate mother refusing to honour her arrangement because she wanted to keep her baby.
The parents allegedly took back the baby's twin sister and left him alone with his surrogate mother.
Surrogate mother go through a lot of stress and psychological trauma.
The twins were born several years ago to Thai surrogate mother, Siriwan Nitichad, also known as Aon, who lives in the Petchabun province, 250 miles north of Bangkok.
David and Wendy Farnell said in an interview that the boy's surrogate mother, Pattaramon Chanbua, insisted she be allowed to keep the boy and that she threatened to also keep his twin sister.
Danzza's goal is to responsibly and safely provide connections for people who want to have children but can only achieve this with the assistance of an ovum donor, sperm donor or with a surrogate mother.
A surrogate mother present at the workshop shared her agony.
Regarding the artificial fertilisation of a surrogate mother in the execution of a surrogacy agreement, the Children's Act161 explicitly refers to the National Health Act.
Khan family friends said the surrogate mother had already flown back to London.
Summary: New Delhi: Babies born to Indian surrogate mothers for gay and single Australians may be .
According to the Sun, the surrogate mother -- whose identity is being kept secret -- is already "several months" pregnant and is due to deliver the baby early next year.
The Indian Consulate said tourist visas are issued to foreign couples for a reconnaissance trip as they must produce a duly notarised agreement between them and the prospective Indian surrogate mother when they apply for the surrogacy visa, but no samples can be given to any clinic during the preliminary visit.
Surrogate motherhood, also known as "reproductive tourism", has become a booming business in India, fast growing into a multi-million industry wherein it is a win-win situation - the surrogate mother gets money and hapless couples who want children, get babies.
She has previously been a surrogate mother already for cats, bunnies and even a racoon, and has since played with, fed and cleaned the piglets.