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in a surreptitious manner


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I had helped myself surreptitiously to pocket-money at school, by selling my caricatures, and I was obliged to repeat the process at home!
I hope your Aunt Olivia won't disappear before the ceremony," remarked Sara Ray, who was surreptitiously reading "The Vanquished Bride," by Valeria H.
I therefore gave him quite as much as his father was accustomed to allow him; as much, indeed, as he desired to have - but into every glass I surreptitiously introduced a small quantity of tartar-emetic, just enough to produce inevitable nausea and depression without positive sickness.
Munt, and tap surreptitiously when the tunes come--of course, not so as to disturb the others--; or like Helen, who can see heroes and shipwrecks in the music's flood; or like Margaret, who can only see the music; or like Tibby, who is profoundly versed in counterpoint, and holds the full score open on his knee; or like their cousin, Fraulein Mosebach, who remembers all the time that Beethoven is "echt Deutsch"; or like Fraulein Mosebach's young man, who can remember nothing but Fraulein Mosebach: in any case, the passion of your life becomes more vivid, and you are bound to admit that such a noise is cheap at two shillings.
The fact is, the old lady believed Rebecca to be the meekest creature in the world, so admirably, on the occasions when her father brought her to Chiswick, used Rebecca to perform the part of the ingenue; and only a year before the arrangement by which Rebecca had been admitted into her house, and when Rebecca was sixteen years old, Miss Pinkerton majestically, and with a little speech, made her a present of a doll--which was, by the way, the confiscated property of Miss Swindle, discovered surreptitiously nursing it in school- hours.
The couple seated themselves on the opposite side, and intently but surreptitiously scrutinized her clothes.
But the subject so survived all day, nevertheless, that Miss Ferdinand got into new trouble by surreptitiously clapping on a paper moustache at dinner-time, and going through the motions of aiming a water-bottle at Miss Giggles, who drew a table-spoon in defence.
Tom, smoking his pipe and cuddling his youngest-born on his knees, dropped an eyelid surreptitiously on his cheek in token that Sarah was in a tantrum.
Genuine orphan-stock was surreptitiously withdrawn from the market.
Tomlinson surreptitiously paid $14,000 to a man in Indiana (who has since eluded reporters) to monitor PBS programs such as ``Now With Bill Moyers'' (who has since retired from the program) in an effort to detect bias in the programming and choice of guests.
Kovats exhibits eight outcomes: indeterminate, surreptitiously attractive, discreetly twinkling slabs of gloop, in colors ranging from sooty black and dirty white through deep-sea green to bright orange and blue.
Slow and deliberate, the jointed arthropod negotiates each obstacle with great care, navigating surreptitiously with its five pairs of legs and its tail in the murky sea.
Surreptitiously, QKEY transfers and synchronizes data in real time directly to/from the drive without leaving unwanted traces on the host machine to ensure protection of sensitive corporate data.
The security officers wore civilian clothes and were supposed to watch surreptitiously for shoplifters.
One comes across bathroom graffiti and crude depictions of sex--the kind adolescent boys surreptitiously scratch into school desks--right in the middle of a decorative sequence of animal-shaped arabesques.