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(law) a pleading by the plaintiff in reply to the defendant's rebutter

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In these controversy exchanges, the beginning article will have stated the opening author's thinking with a completeness and coherence to which the later surrebuttal will neither need nor be able to aspire.
204) The military judge has the discretion to decide how long rebuttal and surrebuttal may continue.
89 diluted earnings per share, assuming normal weather conditions, the availability of generation units, the anticipated merger impacts relating to transition costs and anticipated purchase accounting adjustments, full rate relief for Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas as requested in our surrebuttal testimony submitted in September 2007, and the completion of planned asset management sales.
We hope that our original article and this surrebuttal will make a modest contribution to the responsible discussion of lawyer ethics and of our adversarial system of justice.
The plan, submitted as part of ComEd's surrebuttal testimony in its rate case, guarantees that average residential rates at the end of 2009 will be no greater than they were in 1995.
Most of the time we go right to instructions, (210) but every now and then we end up in the land of the "last word," an area also known as rebuttal and surrebuttal.
199) Justice Breyer delineated other forms of a "defendant's defense" such as: (1) an affirmative defense unrelated to the merits (such as a Speedy Trial Act claim); (2) an unrelated claim of constitutional right; and (3) a foreseeable surrebuttal to a likely Government rebuttal.
3) If desired, rebuttal by the government and surrebuttal by the defense is permitted, and then both sides have an opportunity to present a sentencing argument.
Intervenor surrebuttal testimony on May 26, 2009; and
Surrebuttal testimony for all intervenors on April 10, 2009;