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an artist who is a member of the movement called surrealism

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Dali is as well-known for his surrealist paintings as he is for his eccentric appearance, statements and actions.
In 2010, Efendi was among the 56 best surrealist painters in the world.
While Maar was considered an influential Surrealist photographer, most of her work vanished from the public eye once she stopped creating it in the late 1930s.
When Art Becomes Liberty: The Egyptian Surrealists (1938--1965) (2016--present)" is a historic show which debuted in Cairo last year.
Efflatoun's work shows the reaching influence of Art and Liberty's Surrealist bent, advocated by the artists and writers gathered around the author Georges Henein, the movement's most ardent advocate in Egypt.
After Cambridge, he left England again for the more permissive and glamorous atmosphere of the French art world, where he embarked on a long love affair with Surrealist art and thought.
She focuses on the various forms of surrealism that originated from the 1950s until the 1980s, when writers' imaginations were revealed in their innovative poetic imagery without imitating their surrealist European predecessors.
The poems are illustrated by paintings that Morris produced in 2013, a series of strange heads painted in his own inimitable surrealist style.
True, even Ardon was sometimes labeled "surrealist" by the Israeli critics (who were adherents of Haim Gamzu), but Mordechai Ardon is not a surrealist artist; the sources, of his symbols are anchored in the culture of memory, not in the subconscious or in self abandonment.
She was a member of the French Surrealist Movement and the Portuguese Surrealist Movement, living and working among artists such as Andre Breton, Anne Ethuin, Antonio Pedro, O'Neill, Cesariny and Cruzeiro Seixas, and also with Eugenio de Andrade e Natalia Correia, since poetry is also part of her life.
Surrealist Film Week, Live Music, and More in Amman This Week Amman's budding culture scene is at the top of its game this week with a Surrealist film week and a series of language events.
The very notion of a surrealist theater remains today difficult to grasp, even for the most knowledgeable and astute critic.
Paul Delvaux (1897-1994) at Blain|DiDonna is a mini retrospective of a major Belgian Surrealist whose last exhibition in New York was at the Julien Levy gallery in 1946 and culminated in scandal.
In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States edited by Ilene Susan Fort and Tere Arcq with Terri Geis Delmonico Books and Prestel, 2012
While he confesses that he is attracted to surrealism's use of the unconscious as a source of inspiration, Vicari, an essayist and film writer, notes that the surrealist movement's ranks contracted around redefinitions of what was and was not acceptable within the zone of the unconscious.