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in an amazing manner

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Some slipped a little downward, some got higher footing: people denied aspirates, gained wealth, and fastidious gentlemen stood for boroughs; some were caught in political currents, some in ecclesiastical, and perhaps found themselves surprisingly grouped in consequence; while a few personages or families that stood with rocky firmness amid all this fluctuation, were slowly presenting new aspects in spite of solidity, and altering with the double change of self and beholder.
The first junk I took after was a clean miss, for it trimmed its sheets and shot away surprisingly into the wind.
Her Ladyship's answer was a surprisingly short one.
He wrote that Ira Nutcombe of whom they had spoken so often had most surprisingly left him in his will a large sum of money, and eased his conscience by telling himself that half of a million pounds undeniably was a large sum of money.
The employment was likely to be both easy and agreeable; it was proposed to me at the autumn time of the year when I was least occupied; and the terms, judging by my personal experience in my profession, were surprisingly liberal.
I have mentioned that I had saved the few ears of barley and rice, which I had so surprisingly found spring up, as I thought, of themselves, and I believe there were about thirty stalks of rice, and about twenty of barley; and now I thought it a proper time to sow it, after the rains, the sun being in its southern position, going from me.
My dear child,' said the father--'for you really talk so like a child that I must call you one--you were bred upon a careful principle; the very manner of your education, I assure you, maintained my credit surprisingly.
Therefore, Physician's guests came out so surprisingly at his round table that they were almost natural.
Synopsis: In "Missing Links: Practical and Surprisingly Effective Tools for Self-Transformation .
Floral prints loral prints magically hide lumps and magically hide lumps and bumps, so this bumps, so this is a surprisingly is a surprisingly flattering trend.
Men, not surprisingly, spend a little less, but still admit to paying out PS135 on new holiday wardrobe essentials.
Not surprisingly, the politicians didn't listen then, and I shall be astounded if they listen now.
Surprisingly this number is from the Lebanese designer's spring 2003 collection.
Not surprisingly, the billboards drew the ire of anti-gun organizations.
The Clemmie, a rather stylish little number, is, and I quote: "Eye-catching acid yellow and surprisingly versatile.