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The surprise attack, and the authorities' apparent failure to detect the insurgents massing in the area beforehand, has raised fresh concerns about the Afghan government's ability to secure the country following the formal conclusion of the U.
Intelligence and Surprise Attack: Failure and Success from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 and Beyond provides a fine assessment recommended for security studies and intelligence collections, narrowing the focus to the study of surprise attack and how intelligence processes succeed and failure.
At this moment the park has increased "lurkability" and evokes feelings of claustrophobia and danger due to the numerous hiding places for mischief makers to spring a surprise attack at close range.
launched the surprise attack on the victim from behind, while K,M.
One Hezbollah fighter told Reuters, "We did a sudden surprise attack in the early hours and entered the town, they escaped," he said.
In Ezekiel 38, God tells us that Iran will join Russia, Turkey, and other distant enemies of the Jews in a surprise attack.
In a surprise attack, dacoits opened gunfire when police party arrived on the scene.
An army statement reported that unidentified militants launched a surprise attack with machineguns on a makeshift army camp erected last May on the banks of Chenab River in the Punjab region in search for a military helicopter which had crashed into the river.
The drill was based on the scenario of North Korea launching a surprise attack into the South's metropolitan areas with long-range rockets and Scud missiles from bases near the border with the South.
AL QAEDA militants have staged a surprise attack on a Yemeni army base in the south, killing 20 soldiers and capturing 25 just hours after a US drone strike killed a senior figure in the terror network wanted in connection with the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen.
The men were headed to Trenton to make a surprise attack on Hessian (German) forces fighting for the British during the American Revolution.
Few events in American history are as iconic as George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River, from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, on Christmas Day 1776 to launch a surprise attack on the British and their Hessian troops in Trenton.
Iraq veteran Craig Wylde, 29, wept as he recalled how Kevan Thakrar, 23, allegedly severed his artery using a shard from a pepper sauce bottle in a surprise attack.
Elsewhere, Sean and Leila get a fresh lead on the whereabouts of Samantha, but it leads them to a dramatic turn in their lives, and Thomas unveils a surprise attack.
The incident in the Khashrod district of the remote province occurred Friday evening when the militants launched a surprise attack on a police checkpoint, said the deputy police chief.