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Synonyms for surplus

Synonyms for surplus

being more than is needed, desired, or appropriate

an amount or quantity beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate

Synonyms for surplus

a quantity much larger than is needed

more than is needed, desired, or required

References in classic literature ?
The feud between the families dated from that tempest in the provincial teapot, and the surplus of votes on the wrong side was the reason why, thirty years after, Ursula had to meet her lover by stealth if she met him at all.
All the profits of labor, on which they might improve their position, and gain leisure for themselves, and after that education, all the surplus values are taken from them by the capitalists.
But there was a surplus of passion in him that made him half independent of justifying motives.
The income account surplus is likely to keep spearheading the current account surplus in 2007, though the trade surplus may also rebound,'' said Takuji Aida, chief economist at Barclays Capital Japan Ltd.
BEIJING -- China said Wednesday that its politically sensitive trade surplus hit a record high in October as exports soared and import growth fell amid government efforts to rein in an investment boom.
Typically, 10 percent of a corporation's assets are idle and/or surplus.
In the vernacular of insurance, excess and surplus lines are sometimes called the "unregulated" market.
In addition, recognizing that the corporate managers needed a range of external resources, services and options to facilitate and actualize their disposition decisions, after a few years of operation, the association opened up its membership and invited members from services and specialty business areas that typically would be involved in surplus asset disposition.
Basic trade theory tells us that a region can only export what it has a surplus of.
03-04-00660-CV, 7/28/2005, the Texas Court of Appeals struck down the "throwback provision" as applied to the earned surplus calculation of the Texas franchise tax.
We have only regained 12 percent of the surplus assets lost over the past three years, so plan sponsors will have to continue to focus on their asset allocation and funding strategies.
In addition, draft regulations released in 2002 would have restricted the amount of surplus eligible for the section 93 deemed dividend in these circumstances.
The principal source of small arms and light weapons (SA/LW) in many regions of conflict is not new production but recirculated surplus stocks.
The five month increasing streak is the longest since October 1998 when the surplus rose 19 months in a row.
The doubling of the growth rate of output per hour has caused individuals' real taxable income to grow nearly two and one-half times as fast as it did over the preceding ten years and has resulted in the substantial surplus of receipts over outlays that we are now experiencing.