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Synonyms for surpassing

Synonyms for surpassing

exceeding or surpassing usual limits especially in excellence


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far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree

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And all with pearl and ruby glowing Was the fair palace door, Through which came flowing, flowing, flowing, And sparkling ever more, A troop of Echoes, whose sweet duty Was but to sing, In voices of surpassing beauty, The wit and wisdom of their king.
She had been thus all her life, but really, on this Italian tour, she was surpassing herself.
Among the spectators who flocked to the Houndsditch ground to watch Clarence perform there appeared week after week a little, grey, dried-up man, insignificant except for a certain happy choice of language in moments of emotion and an enthusiasm far surpassing that of the ordinary spectator.
But according to the old superstition, it should be Rosa's ears that burn, and not her fresh bright cheeks, for my Lady's maid is holding forth about her at this moment with surpassing energy.
The management beg leave to offer to the public an entertainment surpassing in magnificence any thing that has heretofore been attempted on any stage.
Sitting with faded papers before her, she took part in a series of scenes such as the taming of wild ponies upon the American prairies, or the conduct of a vast ship in a hurricane round a black promontory of rock, or in others more peaceful, but marked by her complete emancipation from her present surroundings and, needless to say, by her surpassing ability in her new vocation.
They would be naturally inclined to hate one whose surpassing loveliness has so completely estranged my heart from them and blinded me to their attractions; and a single hint of the truth from me to one of these would be sufficient to raise such a talk against you as would seriously injure your prospects, and diminish your chance of success with any other gentleman you or your mamma might design to entangle.
Harmon's motive for inviting me was to let me see Jane's surpassing gorgeousness.
Queen of the immortals is she, surpassing all in beauty: she is the sister and the wife of loud-thundering Zeus, -- the glorious one whom all the blessed throughout high Olympus reverence and honour even as Zeus who delights in thunder.
There--for with your leave, my sister, I will put some trust in preceding navigators--there snow and frost are banished; and, sailing over a calm sea, we may be wafted to a land surpassing in wonders and in beauty every region hitherto discovered on the habitable globe.
Electronic trading on CME Globex reached 35,067,597 contracts surpassing the previous record of 23,537,737 set on May 29, 2013.
O'Hare International Airport was the nation's busiest airport in terms of air traffic during the first half of 2006, surpassing Atlanta's, according to government statistics released Monday.
In just under 500 pages, Kurzweil ponders topics including the prospect of extraterrestrial intelligence, surpassing the speed of light, and extending human life.
Surpassing companies should prepare for 'shocking' talent loss with vigilance and reserves.
If current trends hold, some forecasters have ductile iron surpassing gray iron within the next decade or so.