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Synonyms for surmount



Synonyms for surmount

to win a victory over, as in battle or a competition

to pass by or over safely or successfully

Synonyms for surmount

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3 : to be at the top of <A castle surmounts the cliff.
He asseverated that faith strengthens, faith abides, faith surmounts every obstacle.
A large canopy ornamented with gigantic pearls made of Murano glass surmounts an octagonal structure, which rests, like a luminous spaceship, on a glimmering carpet of salt and tiny shards of glittery plastic.
It also surmounts the subnet roaming challenges and reduces the latency of handover to less than 10 milliseconds (ms).
Our systems are ideally suited to distance education applications, as can be seen from this and our recent work with ILCE and Telesat -- satellite technology easily surmounts obstacles of distance, geography, and underdeveloped infrastructure.