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She could not understand how such a surly man could make such a coaxing sound.
Surly monk, phantom, superstitions,--he had forgotten all at that moment.
It was a nuisance to think that she would probably be surly and refuse to answer his questions.
Though the fellow's tone was surly, his words were evidently well meant.
For myself alone I will not put up with either surly looks or insults from the king; but for my friends I must put up with everything.
My dear fellow," Nesvitski whispered to Prince Andrew, "the old man is as surly as a dog.
The Growleywogs knew that they were disliked and avoided by every one, so they had become surly and unsociable even among themselves.
All right, I'll wait," replied the Pumpkinhead, in a surly tone -- although his face smiled as genially as ever.
When Paulvitch demanded the use of a canoe the chief grumbled a surly refusal and ordered the white man from the village.
When I paid him for the afternoon he was surly about it and kept looking at my field-glasses.
Thus to the very first proposals which Boxtel made to Gryphus to filch the bulbs which Cornelius van Baerle must be supposed to conceal, if not in his breast, at least in some corner of his cell, the surly jailer had only answered by kicking Mynheer Isaac out, and setting the dog at him.
The man looked at me in surly amazement, and answered:
John May was of a morose and surly disposition, not easily moved to anger, but having an uncommon gift of sullen, implacable hate.
But as he was a surly kind of fellow, so she contented herself with frequently upbraiding him by disadvantageous comparisons with her first husband, whose praise she had eternally in her mouth; and as she was for the most part mistress of the profit, so she was satisfied to take upon herself the care and government of the family, and, after a long successless struggle, to suffer her husband to be master of himself.
No, he never had suspicions; all those dumb doubts and surly misgivings which had been gathering on his mind were mere idle jealousies.