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a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger

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Otherwise, we accept the surliness and indifference on the one hand, and the pushiness and officiousness on the other, as part of the rough-and-tumble of being a customer and consumer of services.
It felt like someone was rubbing it in when the next race was won by a two-year-old filly making her first start, but this is not a game for surliness.
There appear to be four aspects to this: first, the racism experienced by Clemente; second, his flamboyant style of play; third, his surliness towards members of the press; and finally, Clemente's many injuries, real or imagined.
STORIES You look at their blankfaced cockiness, their unapologetic surliness and you just wish that they - and all their kind - were not around.
Rudeness, impoliteness, surliness, ugly moods, unprovoked displays of anger, and general unpleasantness can be costly to your career -- and your company's bottom line.
Ferguson may have a school janitor's surliness, with those he doesn't respect, but he has an unforced affinity with fellow toilers in a rough trade.
We've all been there, usually in the early hours of the morning, kept awake by the aroma of stale coffee and the surliness of the poor teenage saps forced to man the place while they pay their way through college.
Now that he encountered surliness and jealousy, it repelled him, embarrassed him, and well-nigh bewildered him.
Charlotte Palmer goes in for garrulous good humor in the teeth of her husband's surliness, and she always finds plenty to say since she regularly comes down on both sides of any declaration: Colonel Brandon "'is such a charming man, that it is quite a pity he should be so grave and so dull'" is a characteristic self-contradiction (115).
We noticed that online moaners have berated the food, the 120 concrete steps down to the town and occasional surliness of the staff.
Attacked by drunken yobs, children who keep ringing the bell and surliness from some members of the public.
Damaged Woods added, with the surliness he reserves for the media: "Personal sins should not require press releases, and problems within a family shouldn't have to mean public confessions.
And, finally, Jones' general surliness and total failure to inspire his troops, means he just has to go.
While Russell's visual style is fairly consistent throughout his career, with most scenes arranged in medium and long shots, he overuses the close-up here, making Tommy's blank gaze too repetitive, Oliver Reed's sweaty surliness even more of a cliched villainy, and Ann-Margret's sultriness too tawdry.
But the point of the spiritual life, the reason for the sacraments, the purpose of prayer and scripture reading is to help us transcend surliness and violence and become our true selves--that is, God's beloved sons and daughters, peacemakers to a world of division and war.