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Synonyms for surgery


Synonyms for surgery

a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

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If possible, a month before the surgery, ask your surgeon for full information on the risks associated with breast implants, including:
No authors of articles about paranasal sinus barotrauma have proposed surgery as an appropriate treatment.
1 Asia-Pacific & Emerging Minimally Invasive Surgery Spinal Device Market
3 percent of California patients who had undergone the surgery returned to a hospital within a year.
by Joel Matta, head of orthopedic surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital near downtown Los Angeles.
It's a sad fact," says Janice Styer, therapist at the Caron Foundation in Philadelphia, "but getting plastic surgery is almost as accepted as getting braces these days.
Bariatric surgery is one of the many ways that millions of Americans are trying to lose weight.
This book was also edited in English as Plastic Surgery of the Head and Neck, Volume 1: Rhinoplasty, which advanced otorhinolaryngologic plastic and reconstructive surgery in Europe.
In the past, hip replacement surgery was an option primarily for people over 60 years of age.
How does remote control surgery differ from conventional surgery?
The company's products operate at lower temperatures than traditional electrosurgical or laser surgery tools and enable surgeons to remove, shrink or sculpt soft tissue and to seal bleeding vessels.
they feel the risks of surgery and anesthesia are greater than the benefits
Now she's used her savings to cover the bill for the gender-reassignment surgery she had scheduled for May 4.
Coronary bypass surgery has considerable impact on the occupational status of individuals postoperatively (Rimm, Barboriak, Anderson, & Simon, 1976).
Analysis of surgical utilization data helped the community decide whether to do outpatient surgery in the hospital or go to a freestanding, surgical center.