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The duelists sat down; a student official stepped forward, examined the wounded head and touched the place with a sponge once or twice; the surgeon came and turned back the hair from the wound-- and revealed a crimson gash two or three inches long, and proceeded to bind an oval piece of leather and a bunch of lint over it; the tally-keeper stepped up and tallied one for the opposition in his book.
Bates, to be surgeon to the Swallow, Captain Abraham Pannel, commander; with whom I continued three years and a half, making a voyage or two into the Levant, and some other parts.
An instant after, Porthos and Aramis re-entered, the surgeon and M.
As you pass the lodge, wake the porter, and send him for a surgeon.
The surgeon approached the dying man, who seemed to have fainted.
He and the Regimental Surgeon fought together with Death for the life of Bobby Wick.
The dark young surgeon passes the candle across and across the face and carefully examines the law-writer, who has established his pretensions to his name by becoming indeed No one.
Before he entered upon his new duties he wished to take a holiday, and, having no private means, he went as surgeon on a tramp steamer to the Levant.
He was a short, fat man, with an exuberant joviality, a bald head, and a loud voice; he had a cockney accent, and was generally described by the students as an `awful bounder'; but his cleverness, both as a surgeon and as a teacher, caused some of them to overlook this.
The third surgeon was the brother of Sylvain de Saint-Cosme, the most learned of them all.
I should have known quite well that you were a surgeon," she observed.
Frankly, he has one chance in a thousand," announced the surgeon, after he had worked an hour and a half on White Fang.
Germaine had been a surgeon: I resolved on being a surgeon too.
the Police Surgeon said, pulling out and inspecting the man's tongue - "it is the truth that is killing him.
They turned him on his back and the surgeon removed it.