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a chemical agent capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved

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During the past five years, the surfactant industry has been influenced by a range of trends including higher actives, lower 1,4 dioxane levels, RSPO and, of course, consolidation, observed Timothy Roach of Lubrizol Advanced Materials.
Plant biopharmaceuticals company AzarGen Biotechnologies (Pty) Ltd reported on Tuesday the receipt of patent for the patent application: PRODUCTION OF HUMAN PULMONARY SURFACTANT PROTEIN-B IN PLANTS (EP3013963) from the European Patent Office for treating a wider range of respiratory conditions.
Calfax 16L-35 is a highly efficient surfactant which produces extremely low critical micelle concentrations in emulsion polymerizations.
The results of this experiment showed that treating irrigation water with a non-ionic surfactant significantly enhanced forage yield when full or deficit irrigation regimes were implemented in corn production under soil and water salinity.
Surfactant EOR technique is a very essential process to recover more oil from an oilfield.
A liquid surfactant composition comprising: an anionic surfactant, wherein the anionic surfactant is present in an amount from about 50% (by weight of the composition) to about 99.
If a premature baby is lacking surfactant, artificial surfactant may be given.
Methods: The prospective cohort study was done at Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, from December 2005 to May 2007 and comprised premature neonates (less than 37 weeks gestation) who had clinical and radiologic evidence of respiratory distress syndrome and had received surfactant therapy.
Air Products' Dynol[TM] surfactants offer a superior balance of properties compared to traditional silicone and fluorosurfactants.
Growing interest in bio-based oil surfactants is set to propel market growth of this niche category.
Injection of surfactant to change properties of the reservoir rock and fluid is one of enhanced oil extraction methods.
As part of the move, Wilmar has inked a multi-year accord to buy sulphated surfactant products from Huntsman facilities in France and Italy.
Respiratory distress syndrome is pulmoner insufficiency caused by the lack of surfactant and the main reason of morbidity and mortality in preterm infants.
They cover drag reduction and heat transfer reduction characteristics of drag-reducing surfactant solution flow, turbulence structures in drag-reducing surfactant solution flow, the numerical simulation of surfactant drag reduction, microstructures and rheological properties of surfactant solution, and application techniques for reducing drag by adding surfactants.
The analysts from Ceresana forecast countries in Asia-Pacific to increase their shares in the global surfactant market - mainly at the expense of Western Europe and North America.