surface mail

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mail that is sent by land or sea

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Surface mail to Eastern Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta and Iceland must be in the Royal Mail system by Tuesday, November 3, if parcels and cards are to arrive in time for Christmas Day.
Which is when I felt a prat because they couldn't have responded any quicker by surface mail.
The number does not include checks that arrive by surface mail.
The Royal Mail has a new calculator on its website, which allows you to check the recommended final date for posting to any country, and you can select the type of mail too, from basic first and second class to airmail, surface mail, special delivery etc.
I sent four parcels by surface mail to my daughter in Japan in September and October.
funds (price includes surface mail postage and GST).
For all surface mail to the UK and Europe, the deadline has been set at December 5, with the airmail final date being December 15.
As an additional holiday measure this year, all surface mail marked for Naples (parcel post) was upgraded and shipped via air at no extra cost to the consumer between Nov.
Brown will be happy to send one your way by email, fax or surface mail.
An annual subscription costs $170 via air mail and $75 via surface mail.
I always read your publications from beginning to end, as well as all literature that you send by e-mail and surface mail.
Your team of BSI Officers and Directors is doing its best to serve all members, both by internet and by surface mail.
Ship American Sensors and Dicon Smoke Detectors by surface mail to: Dicon Inc.
Movie and TV stars, musicians, athletes, performance groups, and everyone who is anyone has their name, career, and surface mail address listed in this comprehensive guide (e-mail addresses are not included, though).
But sometimes they just visit the UK to post their surface mail or to pick up mail.
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