surface area

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the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary

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Because many facets of hunting arrow performance are directly related to the surface area of the arrow, the surface area of the fletching must also be taken into account when determining how much total surface area the arrow has.
On the effect of time, it shows that the surface area of aluminium dross increases when aluminium dross stirred for 15 minutes but as the time increases until 60 minutes, it may be seen that the surface area of aluminium dross decreases.
The students will draw/design the object on their own, calculate surface area and volume, and finally create a cardboard replica of their object.
Its undergirding premise is that the rate of hemorrhage is proportional to the surface area of lacerated vascular tissue.
The stencil aspect and stencil surface area ratios only consider the stencil thickness and stencil aperture size when predicting print performance.
Using special software and statistical analysis, they estimated cortical thickness and surface area and correlated it with the patients' clinical and radiologic characteristics.
Part of the answer pertains to how surface area plays a role in maintaining the life functions of plants and animals.
The rate of heat transfer mechanism between the air and the rack enclosures, as shown in the equation (2b), depends on the heat transfer coefficients (U), exposed rack surface area ([A.
The drawback of increasing the number and power of electronics components is the generation of increasing amounts of heat while the available exterior surface area of the satellite--through which the heat is rejected to space--remains constant at best.
In the present study, experiments were conducted to relate the surface area, energy consumption per unit surface area with following parameters namely 1)Time of milling 2)Ball size 3)Feed size 4)Weight of grinding media.
In a previous study [8] we considered the question of determining the minimum surface area of solids obtained when the graph of a continuously differentiable function is revolved about horizontal lines.
The coverage with barium sulfate particles is 10-70% with respect to the surface area of said substrate powder or the coverage with zinc oxide particles is 40-90% with respect to the surface area of said substrate powder.
These hydrological changes tend to be in the same direction; however, studies that examined modern changes in the distribution and surface area of lakes in the Arctic have shown that the direction of change is ambiguous (e.
Some students may have difficulty finding the surface area of three-dimensional shapes using two-dimensional representations because they cannot visualize the unseen faces of the shapes.