surface area

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the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary

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After the deposition of cultch material, only a portion of the total surface area intended for spat recruitment remains exposed.
The stencil aspect and stencil surface area ratios only consider the stencil thickness and stencil aperture size when predicting print performance.
Using special software and statistical analysis, they estimated cortical thickness and surface area and correlated it with the patients' clinical and radiologic characteristics.
These characteristics are low surface area and very little turbulence-producing structure.
The focus of this article and lab is on helping students to make connections between surface area and structures that perform vital life functions in plants, animals, and other organisms, while giving them opportunities to mentally wrestle with proportional reasoning skills.
prack]), the specific surface area of the rack ([A.
The variation of the energy consumption per specific surface area generated (E/S) with the feed quantity having same feed size of 4.
MOVING UP Centre left, Surface Area Dance Theatre creative director Nicole Vivien Watson, and Wendy Haswell of Business Link
We conducted a study of 16 male cadavers to measure six osseous components of the nasal septum and to calculate the proportional contribution that each made to the total septal bone surface area.
Some students may have difficulty finding the surface area of three-dimensional shapes using two-dimensional representations because they cannot visualize the unseen faces of the shapes.
On the microscopic scale, the surface area of particles and materials has an important effect on their behavior.
In the present experiment we found that surface area to weight ratio of egg masses of laboratory reared Boophilus microplus Izatnagar isolates which were fed on healthy non-immunized calves, influences the hatchability of egg masses.
As of March 31, 2008 we had harvested 99% of the surface area sown with wheat, 79% of the surface area sown with sunflower, 23% of the surface area sown with corn and 8% of the surface area sown with soybean.
2005) that particle surface area is a more appropriate dose metric than particle mass or particle number when evaluating dose-response relationships of nanoparticle-induced pulmonary inflammation.