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Synonyms for surefooted

not liable to stumble or fall

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not liable to error in judgment or action

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Hikers have several trail options to reach the bottom, or visitors can take one of the canyon's famous, surefooted mules for a less strenuous journey.
The reader learns about the intelligence of these surefooted creatures and about the man, Dayton Hyde, who had the vision to create this special 11,000-acre refuge.
There, Brownell developed into a surefooted editor with a fine eye for talent.
Mr Bean, but the site does allow you to browse while listening to a selection of cockney classics, like Chas & Dave's Rabbit, Rabbit - the sort of inspired innovation so characteristic of the Beeb's surefooted approach to acknowledging the existence of awful working-class people.
Here her analysis is most surefooted as she discusses late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century fiction, Benedict's professional bailiwick.
On highways and on snowy side streets, the G55 is a surefooted drive.
He has been surefooted and well focused from the outset, and I join all other TEI members and the current members of the staff in wishing Lonnie and him well.
Proton has enlisted the help of ride and handling experts at sister company Lotus to transform its three-door family hatchback into an aggressively styled and surefooted hot hatch to rank alongside the best in Europe.
Rounding out the evening was a jaunty and surefooted account of Frederick Ashton's Facade.
It exists more for scholarly purposes than tourist ones, but surefooted Web surfers will find some fascinating information hidden amid the scientific jargon.
When Marlborough stands up, he usually wins and he was surefooted in the Sunbury Novices' Chase.