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proficient and confident in performance

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Duckers retrieved his jacket from a pool of dry cider only to then get it covered in red wine as one of the other oafs proved rather less than sure-handed.
Renaud Ducet's sure-handed stage direction yielded a refreshing naturalness of interaction between the characters that kept their purposes and relationships crystal clear.
Tech credits are pro, with Miguel Abal's neon images and the sure-handed editing of Enrique C.
This is not to suggest that Bernice Kanner didn't accurately and provocatively portray how otherwise confident and sure-handed CEOs botch their relationships with the press ("Business Smart, Media Dumb," CE May 2001).
The show pays close attention to Cocteau's drawings, especially the artist's body of erotic work, which King describes as "beautiful, very sensitive line drawings, very sure-handed illustrations.
Wherever the humor might be hampered by the less-than-fresh premise, it's buoyed by sure-handed execution.
These and other matters are treated in a sure-handed although necessarily cursory way but at the cost of bringing the reader very far from the title of the book.
It eliminates the blind spots, enabling more sure-handed use and management of virtual resources at a minimal cost.
Junior back Jacob Zagwyn, who rushed for 155 yards and two touchdowns while leading the Spartans to a 19-12 halftime lead, delivered with sure-handed carries down the stretch to run down the clock.
Lloyd will always be one of Kyle Orton's favourite targets because he is a sure-handed receiver, while Moreno is a major weapon in both the running and passing game.
I need to make sure I'm sure-handed, and I gain the confidence back of my coaches,'' Everett said.
WAYNE CHREBET, the sure-handed Jet receiver who will never make a living as a sprinter: "I think of it as an advantage.
British director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) brings a sure-handed sense of style and substance to the film, with the first hour in particular succeeding as a graphically grotesque horror classic.
The 1950 - 63 era representatives are Joseph Pusateri, a sure-handed center fielder who played until he was sixty-eight years old; and Gerald Witry, a first baseman who played with some of the greatest players of softball early years.
The signing of sure-handed Greg Camarillo from Miami is a masterstroke, however, and the Vikings attack should not miss a beat once Rice is back.