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Synonyms for sure-fire

such as could not possibly fail or disappoint

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certain to be successful

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Bialystock and Bloom may have been aiming for a sure-fire flop but this show's a sure-fire hit.
Two book-and-music-CD collections from Irish Books & Media are a sure-fire rollicking resources of Irish folk music for lay readers, casual singers and guitar players, and professional musicians alike.
Both were sure-fire crowd-pleasers: one required girls under 18 to attain parental consent before getting an abortion and another certifying the anti-gay marriage ballot initiative.
Or, you can follow the lead of successful entrepreneurs who know one sure-fire marketing tool: there's no shame in simply asking a friend to tell a friend.
While there's no sure-fire way to hire and retain A-team players, personality tests and psychological instruments can help you gauge a candidate's potential fit with your organization.
Finally, if you reset the indicator and it stays in the red zone after installing a new or clean primary filter element, that is a sure-fire indication of a clogged secondary filter.
An (almost) sure-fire way to prevent an extension being scuppered at the last minute is to make complex APEX bookings that can't be changed without extreme penalties.
The hybrid, then, provides not only a sure-fire death benefit, but also a chance for significant contract growth without the kind of worry in a variable universal life policy that negative returns could cause the policy to lapse without infusion of more premium.
Workplace books are either all pictures or all words, the former tending towards the striking, eccentric, and bizarre, the latter towards anecdotes, repetition, and--especially in US publishing--endless lists of sure-fire ways to achieve this, that or the other.
Probably the club shop - a sure-fire million seller.
A popular feng shui belief is that planting bamboo is a sure-fire way to cure a negative flow of energy.
Dear Editor - anyone as sick of Christmas as me may like to know of these sure-fire ways of keeping Santa from the door.
Most guerrillas don't use publicity because they think it's too expensive, too complicated, too time consuming, and that it requires special expertise, staff and resources," wrote the authors of 'Guerrilla Publicity: Hundreds of Sure-Fire Tactics to Get Maximum Sales for Minimum Dollars.
In other words, zapping seeds isn't a sure-fire way to sprout gorgeous flowers or mammoth veggies.