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Synonyms for surd

a consonant produced without sound from the vocal cords

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produced without vibration of the vocal cords

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Dadosky helpfully avers that the social surd is used "to describe impossible conditions or completely unintelligible behavior" ("'Naming the Demon'" 360).
Surd and complex number expansions, such as (3 - 2-[square root of 5])(3 + 2-[square root of 5]) and (2 + 3i)(5i - 9) respectively.
Direct Investment Abroad Tables" in the September 2012 SURD of
Programs like Dreamweaver surd Frontpage allowed users to compose websites without knowing HTML.
55) A novel possibility does not ever come out of nowhere, as some sort of bewildering surd.
She needs to see the spontaneous act, the unpremeditated expression or the ultimate surd of the arbitrary self before she is ready to conclude that he is, has become, one might say, himself again (Stewart 1976, 137).
Cllr Foulkes said: ``This is an ab surd proposal and we are arguing very strongly that the Boundary Commission's own rules allow it to make an exception and leave Wirr al as it is with four constituencies.
Ancient Dravidian Initial Surd k- and Its Modern Derivatives.
301, 307-308) to judge Hopkins daft for having felt certain familiar religious paradoxes to be experientially conceivable--for instance, the mixing of human free will in an inexplicable ideational surd with divine predestination, or the meshing of perceived divine grace with conceived divine law.
In a prose poem a few pages later, O'Brien comments on "likeness": "Likeness joins what was separate, then the unwanted information pours in; a surd, a swarm.
Filling the institutional exhibition space, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, Darboven's surd sampling of a century seems devised to escape the viewer's visual reach.
In a culture void of meaning, death must appear as the crowning surd.
Further understandings, judgments, and decisions can fail to note this admixture and end up perpetuating the social surd.
Source: Table 2 in the "Regional Quarterly Report" in the October 2011 SURD of CURREM BUSINESS Table I.
If the graphing software is part of a CAS package it is reasonable that the labels should be in surd form when appropriate.