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Synonyms for surd

a consonant produced without sound from the vocal cords

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produced without vibration of the vocal cords

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Seen from the perspective of the ecological and cultural inefficiency of industrial food, one wonders why the ever-increasing social surd does not induce us to reverse these cycles of decline by establishing new schemes of recurrence that harmonize the lower manifold of the biological with the higher order of the polity.
Iglesia es Caritas, Santander: Sal Terrae, 2008, 419-434; SURD, M.
And adding even more detail to the linguistic map is the almost ostentatious technical and scientific vocabulary in the narrative: pollex, surd, calenture, spalling, birl, fleam, ferrule, pelisse, blouson, marasmus, shallop, spurlinglines .
The story revolved around a girl who pretends to be a man and dress up as a surd to join an all-male cricket team.
fortune of unfulfillment, the surd of contingency within bereavement,
16) Si confronti a questo proposito il testo completo della poesia: "Tra num e Diu gh'e cume un voj de aria,/penser, un nient, un sass surd e luntan.
The Shakespearean "human," in the most uncompromising version of Gross's vision, resembles nothing so much as the golem of kabbalistic mysticism--"an anomalous entity, a categorical surd .
Nuair a ghabhadh cuid an smuid Dhen stuth a bh' agad anns a' chuil, Cha tigeadh f'ailinn air do ghluin, Ged bheirte surd air danns' ort.
In this sense, narration begins as a rational proposition that deliquesces into a powerful surd.
But perhaps the thing to do instead is to take a trip to the Spiral Jetty, if only because, as Smithson dreamed it, "in the Spiral Jetty the surd takes over and leads one into a world that cannot be expressed by number or rationality.
The idea of war betw een EU member states now seems ab surd.
perdona sto me surd indurmentass, | che mi sunt orb nel foss de la mia rogna | e i to sbuttun duma me fann sveliass" ("Oh Dio, perdona il mio dimenticare, | [.
with an essay on the mode of teaching the surd or deaf, and consequently dumb, to speak, published in Philadelphia in 1793, having won a gold medal from the American Philosophical Society in January of that year.
surd 'Hain', kizpu surd 'Birkenhein' (kizpu 'Birke') sind weit und breit angewandte Worter und bestatigen diese Ansicht.
However, while that was ab surd comedy, Martin Boorman's black and white film of notorious Irish criminal Martin Cahill (Brendan Gleeson) is for real.