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a loose outer coat usually of rich material

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a tunic worn over a knight's armor

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His Surcoat or outward vest is Crimson, lined with white, with a falling Collar of white.
Among the rarities is a spectacular imperial yellow 12-symbol kesi dragon robe made for a 19th-century emperor, its split-weave technique the most challenging and intricate of them all (estimate $300,000-$500,000), and an even rarer--and earlier--noblewoman's kesi winter surcoat (Fig.
Like her surcoat, Fortune's mantle seems magically to change color, but here again, Charles asks the reader to consider more closely the materials from which the garment is made:
A knight also often wore something over his upper armor called a surcoat, decorated with a coat of arms so that people could identify the knight when his helmet covered his face.
What did it mean for a knight to blazon his surcoat with these symbols?
When a tailor appeared to measure me for a fantastic costume designed for the occasion, consisting of white satin breeches and a mantle and surcoat of purple velvet edged with ermine, I decided things had gone too far, '' wrote the Duke.
You will remember that the Crusaders wore a white surcoat with a red cross, hence the flag of Dear Old England.
33) 'The Knight of the Surcoat, having gained victory without injury to himself, cut off the head of the pagan king with the royal diadem still in place, fastened it on his standard, and, raising it on high, returned to King Arthur with the lady by his side.
In the disoriented space St Anthony, in the drab robes of a desert father, is contemporary with St George in his plumed Tuscan straw hat and his ornate fifteenth-century armour under a quilted surcoat embroidered with a cross.
IT means means empty tabard, referring to the stripping of the royal insignia from his surcoat by Edward I of England in 1296.
Moses was a fat elderly Egyptian, of great prestige and dignity, he was clad in flowing cotton robes and an embroidered surcoat, which could not conceal his enormous stomach.
century the practice of sewing or embroidering the personal or family insignia on the surcoat worn over the coat of armour or mail was introduced, giving rise to the term coat of arms.
Ricciardetto assumes Bradamante's male identity when he steals the horse and surcoat Fiordispina has given her.
But a jupon it is catches in the speaker's throat, that pied surcoat that Black Prince wore, donned for special occasions only, neatly mended through the centuries by nuns until, she is convinced, no single snip of the original remains.