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the belief that some particular group or race is superior to all others

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It would analyze the microinstitutional mechanisms that sustained white supremacism, highlighting the various forms of Euro-centric dominance.
But domestic violence, rape and male supremacism itself are not anomalies or sideshows to war; instead, they lie near the center of how it is prosecuted and narrated.
She also urged American readers to seek the voices of people from other countries, writers who would rescue the "dark fields" of our republic from self referentiality, white supremacism and imperialism.
And yet, the way they themselves define jihad in some of their writings and speeches makes it appear the very essence of militant supremacism.
If the outrage of white supremacism is so clear, why has the massive male supremacism of the Catholic Church provoked so little in the way, even, of broadly felt social discomfort, much less protest?
said the packaging of white supremacism in terms of leaders, symbolism and speech has changed over the years, but the core of hatred has remained the same.
So much at least for an uncomplicated Anglo-Saxon supremacism.
All three women emphasized the underlying white supremacism of the militia movements and the centrality of Christian Identity ideology as an organizing tool.
The bi-partisan bill submitted by Republican House of Representatives member Ted Poe and Democrat Bill Keating reflects long-standing criticism of Saudi textbooks that use hateful and incendiary language; foster supremacism, intolerance, and anti-pluralism; and, according to many critics, incite violence.
Senator Gary Peters and his colleagues on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee sent a letter to Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) asking for a hearing on violent white supremacism following the attack in Charlottesville that killed one woman and injured many others.
Halvard Buhaug, a political scientist at the Peace Research Institute Oslo, also has serious reservations about climatic supremacism.
But now, the Sunni Arabs perceive Safawism as a cover for racism based on Persian supremacism over other peoples in the Greater Middle East (GME) and beyond, as interpreted and applied by the theocracy's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who heads an axis of "resistance".
Equally damaging to this religion, the leading Sunni Arab states accuse Iran's Shi'ite theocracy of being the main source of racial tension based on what they call "Persian supremacism hidden behind its Safawi ideology" - and corruption in the Greater Middle East (GME).
On the opposite side stands Iran's Safawism, which Riyadh calls a promoter of Persian racism - or supremacism over the Arabs, Turks and other non-Persian groups.
Vellupillai Pirapaharan believed that sympathy for Tamils and outrage at Sinhala supremacism would suffice to ensure Western neutrality and Indian inaction, as he breached every boundary and broke every rule.