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pertaining to a feature of speech that extends over more than a single speech sound

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As Zielinski shows, it is not an either-or question, as both segmental and suprasegmental features are important for learners and in practice the two aspects cannot be separated.
The Danish "stod" and Norwegian and Swedish tonemes are suprasegmental features of spoken language that are not realized in singing.
In general, there was a heavier weighting toward suprasegmentals in the texts examined, but a broad range of segments was covered.
This will allow us to see how suprasegmental graphemes can interact with canonical allograms, providing us with a direct mapping from alphabetic writing into morphogrammatic writing.
A salient feature of this inability to use English to communicate is Chinese ITAs' lack of experience with suprasegmental aspects of English pronunciation such as Discourse Intonation (DI), which is used to emphasize and differentiate ideas, begin and end topics, and express social relationships in spoken utterances (Pickering 2001).
Cruz- Ferraire (1989) claims that intonation is the 'last stronghold of a foreign accent in speaking any L2' and intonation as used in Nigerian English has been observed to be peculiarly different from that of Standard English and it has been viewed as a difficult suprasegmental to master for Nigerian speakers of English.
A very important aspect of oral communication in English (more than in Spanish) is phonetics, which includes pronunciation, suprasegmental features, voice quality, voice setting .
In the subsection dealing with suprasegmentals Jensen makes casual reference to "tone" without saying what tone is, or what tone languages are.
Students are more apt to maintain their enthusiasm and attentiveness when teachers effectively use such suprasegmentals as pitch, stress, and juncture.
1970): Suprasegmentals, Cambridge Mass, The MIT Press
On the other hand, they obliterated all the information that seems to be encoded in the spacings between letter-groups, chiefly phonotactics and the suprasegmentals of the speech being represented.
Next, a portion of the session was devoted to working on suprasegmentals, vowels, and consonants.
The poetry modulates from the headlong "deep fixation / in windows parafoveal suprasegmentals voiceless plosive" ("Night Heron Manifesto") to the quietness of
Teachers of English as a second and foreign language have expressed the desirability of focusing on suprasegmentals (i.
Improving the use of suprasegmentals with severely handicapped children through music and movement.