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Synonyms for supranormal

beyond the range of the normal or scientifically explainable


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Normal versus supranormal oxygen delivery goals in shock resuscitation: the response is the same.
Its primary focus is individual firm performance--a firm's ability to create and to capture value and, ultimately, to sustain supranormal profits.
Among the criteria identified by courts are: (1) evidence of restricted output and supracompetitive prices; (80) (2) the presence of entry barriers; (81) (3) the exclusion of competition; (82) (4) control over prices; (83) (5) the defendant's ability to engage in price discrimination; (84) (6) "sustained supranormal profits;" (85) and (7) abrupt changes in practices following the elimination of competitors.
Supranormal trauma resuscitation causes more cases of abdominal compartment syndrome.
An alternative approach to 'euboxia' is to aim for physiological levels that, in observational studies, characterise survivors (for example, supranormal oxygen delivery) (8).
Nefropatia incipiente, con una duracion de unos 10 anos, cursa con una tasa supranormal de filtracion glomerular (TFG), que se acompana despues de unos 5 anos con aumento de la excrecion urinaria de albumina (EUA: 30-300 mg/dia para microalbuminuria).
They accumulate and deploy their IP in order to generate supranormal returns on patent-protected technology, threatening producers with litigation.
Entretanto, Assaf Neto (2008) ressalta que esse conceito ja era utilizado por David Ricardo desde a decada de 1820, como o resultado supranormal.
LH-secreting adenomas have been found to be associated with high testicular volume and supranormal testosterone levels and 70%-100% of non-functional adenomas secrete free subunits that exhibit no biological activity (15).
For many millennia, humans with normal and even supranormal singing voices have used a TA-dominant muscle configuration for most of their speech, and they have done it without doing any harm to their singing voice or their vocal folds.
This large increase may be due to larger recruitment of adults in autumn 1993 in response to previous supranormal precipitation.
A supranormal number of arms probably signifies the capacity to engage in supranormal action.
The pathophysiology of RAS is vagally mediated--a noxious stimulus causes a supranormal vagal discharge resulting in bradycardia and then astystole (2).
This allows for supranormal athletic performance," Kelly said.