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relating to or characterized by suppuration

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17) Thirdly, surgery will be required if a suppurative lymphadenitis has already perforated and resulted in sinus formation.
This finding was based on pooled data from two trials involving 116 patients with chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM).
Vacuum treatment in the surgical management of suppurative wounds.
Bacteria have remained the most important aetiological agents in suppurative or discharging otitis media.
Chronic suppurative lung disease and bronchiectasis in children and adults in Australia and New Zealand Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand guidelines.
Chronic otitis media is a permanent abnormality on tympanic membrane following a long-standing middle ear infection emanating from previous acute suppurative otitis media (ASOM), otitis media with effusion, or negative pressure to the middle ear.
Patients and Methods: A total of 186 patients with the diagnosis of chronic suppurative otitis media were included in the study.
Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media is one of the most common otological problems in developing countries.
The most common severe adverse events related to BCG vaccination are nonsuppurative and suppurative lymphadenitis.
The present report describes chronic suppurative mastitis, laboratory findings and its management in a crossbred cow.
A prospective study among HIV-infected ENT outpatients [11] revealed that when all presenting conditions were classified according to the World Health Organization (WHO) stages I-V HIV disease classification, the top five manifestations were adenoid hypertrophy/hyperplasia (stage I), cervical lymphadenopathy (stage I), chronic suppurative otitis media (stage II), otitis media with effusion (stage II), and sensorineural hearing loss (stage II).
6 saginata Total Acute suppurative appendicitis 725 18.