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(medicine) the formation of morbific matter in an abscess or a vesicle and the discharge of pus

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It is good for the management with multiple suppurations in an outpatient department.
L'uroscanner reste I'examen de reference pour le diagnostic des tumeurs renales, mais dans certains cas, les suppurations renales peuvent se presenter sous forme de pseudotumeurs inflammatoires et, dans ce cas, seront responsables d'un syndrome de masse trompeur (5).
103), those who experienced spontaneous suppuration (p = 0.
There is diffuse granulomatous inflammation with focal suppuration surrounding vacuoles within the dermis, and the epidermis shows irregular acanthosis and parakeratosis (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X10).
Primary pyomyositis is an acute bacterial infection characterized by suppuration within large skeletal muscles manifesting as single or multiple abscesses.
discovered its medical benefits and the Greeks used it as an ointment to dry out wounds and prevent suppuration.
In all patients operated dressing with Dakin was carried out twice a day after bath with the same liquid till suppuration dried.
Tooth 16 exhibited severe sensitivity and pain to palpation and percussion but no swelling and suppuration.
Peri-implantitis is often associated with bleeding, suppuration, increased probing depth, mobility, and bone loss; therefore, suppuration is a definite indicator of the disease activity and indicates the need for anti-infective therapy [19].
Gingival bleeding and suppuration occurs spontaneously or when subjected to probing.
Sixty one patients (37%) developed minor infection or stitch abscess, 104(63%) has frank suppuration requiring opening and drainage of wound; while 5(3%) cases developed deep seated infection of intra-abdominal spaces.
Then, the name of Staphylococcus was introduced by Ogston in 1883 for micrococcus group causing inflammation and suppuration.
In all cases there was suppuration of the operative wound.
2,4,5) On ultrasound three morphologic forms of BTb are known (6) and they are the nodular pattern which may be mistaken for a fibroadenoma or carcinoma (12) (10), diffuse form that results in caseation and sinus formation, and a sclerosing form which manifests as dense, fibrotic breast tissue and is slow growing in the absence of any suppuration.
2) XGPN is a distinct clinicopathological entity histologically characterized by suppuration and the accumulation of lipid-laden macrophages.