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a gene that suppresses the phenotypic expression of another gene (especially of a mutant gene)

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The scientists studied the effects of certain naturally-occurring ITCs on a variety of cancer cells, including lung, breast and colon cancer, with and without the defective tumor suppressor gene.
The patent protects Introgen's non-viral delivery platform for delivering one or more of almost 40 tumor suppressor genes for inducing apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in cancer cells.
Perhaps most compellingly, because of the extensive scientific evidence associating the p53 gene with forms of human cancer, the p53(+/-) mouse enabled scientists to explore, at the molecular level, the relevance of a specific mechanism of carcinogenesis in the mouse to a known cancer pathway in humans, p53 is a tumor suppressor gene that contributes to the prevention of aberrant cell growth, division, and neoplastic formation (Dunnick et al.
a Foundation Venture Capital Group portfolio company, announce the publication of the genetic studies that led to the identification of the FRY gene as a breast cancer susceptibility suppressor gene.
In women whose biopsy result did not show cancer, methylation of another tumor suppressor gene, SFRP1, was more common in milk from the biopsied breast than the other one.
In particular Introgen has found that when cancer cells are pretreated with chemotherapy agents designed to cause DNA damage, followed by administration of a vector encoding a tumor suppressor gene, such as ADVEXIN or INGN 241, the result is an increase in expression of the selected tumor suppressor gene.
One broad example is the center's continuing work on the association between lung cancer and the p53 tumor suppressor gene.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York, NY) has patented a novel tumor suppressor gene, SSeCKS.
More specifically, hypermethylation of the p15 tumor suppressor gene has been found in the majority of patients with advanced MDS, and in nearly all of the patients with AML arising from MDS.
Yale University (New Haven, CT) has patented a tumor suppressor gene, termed large tumor suppressor (lats), and methods for identifying tumor suppressor genes.
The metastatic disease models were also used to compare the effects of tumor suppressor gene delivery with this system to those achieved with other liposomal systems.
The patents cover antibodies to the BRCA2 breast cancer gene and the p15 tumor suppressor gene.
PTEN is a tumor suppressor gene, helping to direct the growth and division of cells.
In particular, the p16 tumor suppressor gene has been reported to be hypermethylated and inactivated in approximately fifty percent of head and neck cancers.
People with head and neck cancer who have been taking antioxidant vitamins regularly are less likely to have mutations in the cancer suppressor gene known as p53, a new study finds.