suppressive fire

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fire on or about a weapon system to degrade its performance below what is needed to fulfill its mission objectives

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The overwhelming suppressive fire from the military police squads and the PHQ guard force pinned down the enemy, eliminated their initiative, fixed them in the hotel, and limited them to a defensive position.
They provided suppressive fire while the Iraqi army got into position to go in (to the building).
We really didn't fire unless we had a shot or when we needed to lay suppressive fire to allow people to move.
The two of them began to lay suppressive fire while taking cover in a nook in the cliff face.
Though I wasn't sure whether I was actually hitting anyone at that point, it was a question of getting as many rounds as I could get into that general direction for suppressive fire.
Every time we'd go in, we'd put down suppressive fire and cover to exit the casualties," Sanford said.
British service one Para Minimi, designated the L110A1, is issued to every four-man infantry fire team to provide suppressive fire at ranges of 600 metres, while one BAE Systems Royal Ordnance L86A2 LSW, which proved unsatisfactory as a light machine gun, is retained in each fire team for use by a designated marksman to engage targets at 800 metres.
50-calibre machine gun mounted in the cupola, these vehicles can throw out some serious suppressive fire.
Instead, they initially would provide suppressive fire to the enemy flank until a security team could sweep the enemy from the area.
Running short of ammunition, he also took the Colonel's M4 rifle to maintain a high rate of suppressive fire on the enemy positions.
It was not up to the job of suppressive fire - incapable of being used over a long period blasting enemy positions so his soldiers could move in to take them.
While four men give suppressive fire, the other four can advance on and enter a house or small building.
Using a GAU-2B mini-gun mounted to the belly of the aircraft, the weapon is designed to provide 360 degrees of accurate, sustained suppressive fire throughout the CV-22's flight envelope.
Fixed a bug where suppressive fire had reduced effect on the M16 and M5K when compared with other weapons.
When a convoy was hit, suppressive fire from military police V-100s