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serving to restrain forcefully


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tending to suppress

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For the study, researchers evaluated the suppressive and curative antimalarial properties of extracts made from pulp juice and seed of African star apple in Albino mice inoculated with Plasmodium berghei.
It has been reported that the application of the sorghum extract at various rates have shown a suppressive impact on the weeds in the wheat field along with improving the yield of the wheat.
The eastern region of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a wide popular protest against the Saudi regime's discrimination and suppressive measures against their region.
When the lawyer asked Cruise if he and the church consider Holmes to be a suppressive person when she left, he refused to give a straight answer, saying "that is a distortion and a simplification of the matter.
But given that chronic suppressive therapy can be expensive, how effective is it for preventing RHL?
4,5) Treatment frequently involves high dose suppressive therapy which results in prolonged hospitalization and complications including line infections, pneumonia, deep venous thrombosis, ileus, and sepsis.
We know that sexual transmission does occur during suppressive therapy.
Acid suppressive medication use and the risk of nosocomial gastrointestinal track bleeding.
By identifying a gene that makes immune cells suppressive, the researchers may have found a new target for enhancing immune responses to cancer tumor cells.
Dissolving the State Security is necessary to rebuild the structure of the police service in Egypt, from a suppressive device against the citizens that violates their rights, into an apparatus that works to ensure protection of citizens.
The Iraqi suppressive forces by resorting to such unlawful measures at the behest of the Iranian regime are setting the stage for another attack on Ashraf and murder of its residents.
Talking to media persons here today, Prakash said senior government officials' latest statements have clarified the suppressive policy of the government.
A report published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research reveals the discovery of researchers at City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, California of a suppressive effect for compounds found in pomegranate on the proliferation of breast cancer cells.
Our membership of the European community is gradually stripping us of our nationality and imposing upon us laws which appear to be suppressive.
We strongly warn that financial and arms support of the radical groups and also a suppressive attitude towards the people would have improper consequences," Mottaki added.