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Synonyms for suppress

Synonyms for suppress

to bring to an end forcibly as if by imposing a heavy weight

to keep from being published or transmitted

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

Synonyms for suppress

come down on or keep down by unjust use of one's authority

control and refrain from showing

put out of one's consciousness

reduce the incidence or severity of or stop

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The President cited Section 18, Article 7 of the Constitution which empowers the President to 'call out (the) Armed Forces to prevent or suppress rebellion ' and Section 17, Article 12 of the Charter authorizing her to 'temporarily take over or direct the operation of any privately-owned public utility or business affected with public interest.
The results are derived from frame-by-frame coding of facial movements filmed during an interrogation in which participants, some lying, some telling the truth, were asked to suppress specific parts of facial expressions.
It is those admirers of Zinn who will enjoy A Power Governments Cannot Suppress, a compilation of columns and commentaries, many previously published, on a variety of topics ranging from tributes to Eugene Debs and Philip Berrigan to perspectives on patriotism, nationalism, and 9/11.
Additionally the use of a coincidence regime of registration of [beta]-decay events will allow us to considerably suppress the background, and to separate effect and background by means of the delayed coincidence method.
Counsel for the defendant, in a motion to suppress, argued that the confession in response to custodial interrogation at the police station was "tainted" by the unwarned statement made in the suspect's living room.
Even though the nasty campaign suppressed voting so that only 30 percent of those registered came to the polls, it couldn't suppress the desire of those who did turn out to make a change at the top.
But there is another danger: Republicans may use a variety of tactics to suppress the vote of racial minorities in swing states.
Rome -- The destruction of Catholic schools has become a new trend to suppress religious freedom in Asia, warns a priest-journalist.
The first type is the variety that most of us are familiar with: regular allopathic drugs designed to alter or suppress symptoms.
Those on treatment prior to randomization may continue their regimens, modifying when necessary to suppress viral load.
Scientists also think that this gene may help suppress other types of tumor growth.
The candidate's goal is to suppress conflict and demonstrate full executive control, while the delegates committed to a special interest try to get their issues fully before the convention and television cameras.
QuickTrim Suppress and Burn was one of three products cancelled from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods this week, the Herald Sun reported.