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Synonyms for suppositional

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

Synonyms for suppositional

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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Assertoric force may present content as true, but it is not obvious that suppositional force or interrogative force (the illocutionary force of questions) present content as having some property.
While such dating seems reasonable enough, Clark does not recognize or highlight its inevitably suppositional nature, but proceeds to use it as the basis for his dating of The Cloud and Priuy Counselling: `So the Cloud may be dated to the very early 1390's, and Privy Counselling to the middle years of the same decade.
Detailed reconstruction of definite episodes or events remains suppositional because of the hypothetical character of a great number of basic parameters such as salinity, temperature, deposition, and crystallization rates, relative sea level variations, impact of organic matter, etc.
As the conditional 'if ' of the song's syntax slips into the suppositional 'if' of the title's, sequential movement is arrested.
Because no one has paused to ask children their perceptions of time out and their feelings about being placed in time out, there is no known support, other than suppositional, for these expectations.
The volume presents a data mass of high integrity, and then adds layers of interpretation, easily defined as such, which lay its theoretical and suppositional cards on the table.
In his view, "syndrome science is suppositional science, which is to say, it is not science at all.
Moreover, Bill's present-tense response--"It's a gift"--to Nick's suppositional statement--"That ought to cinch it for them"--also suggests that Bill understands Nick to be referring not to a future prospect--the Giants winning the pennant--but to a recent occurrence of which Nick was just informed--the Giants breaking the major-league record for consecutive victories.
176, 188--92--essential reading); Dylan's conversion to Christianity and his suppositional return to Judaism; and Heylin's concluding thoughts.
To learn about rulers and what to do with them, requires that children be given real tasks, not suppositional ones.
This essay argues that Brigg's suppositional test is wrong: it sets the bar for coherence too high and places certain cases of self-doubt on the wrong side of the divide.
Drainage of the slope bottom reduces slope stability, although drainage of suppositional slide surface zone may increase the stability significantly due to double effects.
Clearly, this is suppositional and is a matter for future exploration--though the first pair reflect somewhat similar ideas to the 'narrative of enlightenment' of either sudden or gradual dawning of new perspectives in making sense of experience, described by Thornhill et al.
Absalom's characteristic uses of rhetorical negative clauses give the impression of throwing wrong narrative possibilities away; it is through these performed instances of negative supposition, however, that the narrative voice betrays its reluctance to purge the imaginary or suppositional and, in bifurcation, releases its claim to certainty.
Because `if P' ranks higher on the even if scale (where the highest value is the least likely one), there is an emphasis on the suppositional (nonfactual) nature of the proposition expressed in the if clause.