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Synonyms for supposedly

Synonyms for supposedly

believed or reputed to be the case


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com/articles/the-truth-behind-holly-hunters-role-swings-1415207359) interview with The Wall Street Journal supposedly gave away subtle hints about her character in the movie.
He's gone from Hawaii to Hong Kong to Moscow and supposedly to Cuba, following the well-worn trail of my luggage.
This was relating to the bedroom tax and supposedly single people occupying three and four bedroom homes who are getting their rent paid.
kg was attacked by a group of hackers, supposedly from Saudi Arabia.
Summary: Sofia, July 20, 2010, SPA -- Bulgarian customs officers found 73 immigrants hiding in a lorry supposedly carrying watermelons from Greece to Hungary, dpa quoted the customs office in Sofia as saying today.
As I recall, the so-called original "Jerusalem Apostles", who were supposedly Jewish, were quite content to recognise their own, and their gentile converts', situation, and change the requirement for becoming heirs to the Jewish Covenant with God without having to be circumcised or ascribe to the Jewish dietary laws.
The electronic crime victims fell in the trap of giving their personal codes when they supposedly received an email from their banks.
He earned a pro model on Real before promptly disappearing, supposedly to pursue a spot on the PGA tour.
Arrested initially in August 2005, he was sentenced to three years and four months in prison, supposedly for "willfully damaging property" and "organizing a mob to disturb traffic.
What supposedly awaited kings and queens in the afterlife was illustrated in both words and images inside the tombs.
Once that has been achieved, then, presumably, material once off-limits could again make it through the gates: little-known theories that supposedly undermine evolution, for instance, or natural wonders supposedly too miraculous for evolution to explain (like the human eye, an ever-popular creationist example), or instances of disagreement about specific evolutionary mechanisms that would be magnified and presented as evidence against the theory itself.
supposedly is in the running for Toronto forward Morris Peterson.
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl and Other Poems", Howl on Trial: The Battle for Free Expression presents the inside story of editing, publishing, and defending the poem Howl in the context of censorship of literary works, and the 1957 obscenity trial in San Francisco that supposedly represented "the people" versus City Lights, the bookshop that published and sold "Howl and Other Poems.
THEY SUPPOSEDLY speak English in England, but they have different names for certain things.
Prominent among attendees were China, North Korea, Laos, and of course the host country, Cuba--all of which are specimens of a supposedly extinct species, the communist totalitarian state.