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Synonyms for supposedly

Synonyms for supposedly

believed or reputed to be the case


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Jan 21-Feb 19 AQUARIUS THIS week you will be surprised to see a supposedly mythical creature, half-man, half-horse, running round the park wearing trainers.
Reports said that Catapang was supposedly the one who processed the false claims for the syndicate; and that he claimed that the alleged road right-of-scam started in 2009 by using over 300 fake claims.
The Supposedly Enlightened Person's Guide to Raising a Dog
Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan have supposedly parted ways after 18 years of marriage.
Holly Hunter's role in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" is supposedly shrouded with mystery.
Summary: Muscat: India and Oman air forces are supposedly working on a bilateral agreement on flight .
He's gone from Hawaii to Hong Kong to Moscow and supposedly to Cuba, following the well-worn trail of my luggage.
This was relating to the bedroom tax and supposedly single people occupying three and four bedroom homes who are getting their rent paid.
kg was attacked by a group of hackers, supposedly from Saudi Arabia.
TWEETGATE rumbled on this week, as the man who supposedly exposed RTE was supposedly exposed himself.
Also, to target the, supposedly, more affluent areas of the city is unjust, unfair and arguably discriminatory.
Summary: An alleged time traveller has been spotted supposedly using a mobile phone in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin clip.
Summary: SIDON: Head of the Khardali River Canoe Kayak Club, Ali Awada miraculously survived after a lumberjack supposedly attacked him with his sickle over the weekend.
With a rumoured name like Schubert, it's supposedly a symphonic phone.
Summary: Sofia, July 20, 2010, SPA -- Bulgarian customs officers found 73 immigrants hiding in a lorry supposedly carrying watermelons from Greece to Hungary, dpa quoted the customs office in Sofia as saying today.