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Synonyms for supposable

capable of being inferred on slight grounds

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A State doing injury to the Citizens of other States or Foreigners is to be sure a supposable case, but it is scarcely supposeable, I think (if at all) but by means of some act of the Legislature (for no inferior authority I think can bind a State), in which case we are involved in this dilemma.
It is not a supposable case, that all or even a very large part, of the governed, can have agreed to them.
Otherwise, the second process, forecasting, or predictive modeling provides predictions of supposable future events, having in mind preset scenarios and can be transparent and readable for some algorithms or opaque in others, such as neural networks (Caron, 2004).
One example could be the supposable cultic site beside the early tarand-grave in T6nija, in Saaremaa (Magi 2001).
Thus we may conclude that the described cycles of lime mud accumulation were probably characteristic of the supposable late Ordovician--early Silurian icehouse period (e.