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Synonyms for supportive

Synonyms for supportive

giving or able to give help or support

Antonyms for supportive

furnishing support or assistance

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And we'll be able to listen supportively without wanting to run for the hills.
With a property portfolio that covers urban and rural areas, approximately half of the foreshore and most of the seabed around the UK; it works supportively with government in Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as at local level.
We ask Arab countries to look supportively and sympathetically at Lebanon, because Lebanon needs these countries right now.
With a tentative diagnosis of a cutaneous Candida albicans infection, the bird was treated supportively with parenteral fluid therapy (lactated Ringer's solution, 50 mL/kg SC q12h on the first day; then, 50 mL/kg SC q24h for 5 days), cephalexin (75 mg/kg PO q12h for 14 days), and nystatin (300 000 U/kg applied topically on the lesion q12h for 7 days).
Despite the tabloid drama between the two, Nassif spoke supportively of his wife, telling (http://www.
And Lorraine Toussaint was at once judgmental and sympathetic as the mother who wants the world for her children --even if she can't quite express it supportively --in "Middle of Nowhere.
You've been burnt so many times," Gross says supportively.
The Scottish Government said: "We have listened to teachers' views throughout implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence and have responded supportively.
But if I can be with them in a manner that honors their value as a human being, then hopefully I will have the privilege of walking with them supportively to some extent on their spiritual journey.
The Leader in Me' supportively becomes part of the school's curriculum and culture, allowing the student to achieve excellent results year after year.
PM Boyko Borisov, Minister of Economy and Energy Traicho Traikov, and Minister of Environment Nona Karadzhova have this far spoken supportively of the exploration plans, but have vowed to preserve the environment in the procedure.
Parents help children develop a healthy response to stress by protecting children from extreme levels of stress, responding supportively and consistently to normal levels of stress, and modelling behavioural responses to stress.
Despite these tensions, the incoming Mineworkers Union of Zambia president Oswell Muny enyembe has spoken supportively of Chinese investors, telling the Zambia Daily Mail, "We cannot wholesomely (sic) condemn the Chinese-owned mining houses.
The patient was treated supportively and discharged from the hospital 30 days after admission.
While society responded supportively, the opposition political leadership, business associations, and press uniformly reacted against the proposed reform, using language reminiscent of other times.