supporting structure

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a structure that serves to support something

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Steel supporting structure utilizes moment resisting frame in one direction and braced frame in the other direction.
When the mould opens, the supporting structure remains in the moving mould half and the preformed decorative material remains in the stationary mould half.
PHOTO : serve to isolate induced vibrations from the supporting structure.
So antennae on the tower are of much smaller diameter than originally envisaged, making the supporting structure seem inappropriately beefy.
The principal product, Emdogain(R)Gel, which is approved for sale in Europe, North America and Japan naturally regenerates the supporting structure that the tooth has lost due to periodontal disease.
Tenders Are Invited for 66kv Ct 600/300/150/75/1a (4c) With Supporting Structure Qty 37 Nos,66kv Ct 400/200/1g0/50/1a (4c) With Supporting Structure Qty 70 Nos,66kv Ct 600/300/150/75/1a (4c) Without Supporting Structure Qty 44 Nos,66kv Ct 400/200/100/50/1a (4c) Without Supporting Structure Qty 89 Nos.
The product builds on the same technological platform as Biora's principal product, Emdogain, which is used to regenerate new tooth supporting structure for patients suffering from periodontitis.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 33kV Potential Transformers with Supporting Structure - 39Nos.
Supporting structure in BSH (laminated wood quality): 65 m3;- Supporting structure in BSH (not visible wood quality): 50 m3;- Supporting structure in Softwood: 15 m3;- Ceiling in laminated veneer lumber: 2000 m2;- Lignotrenddecke: 140 m2;- Supporting walls in timber frame construction: 750 m2;- Welded steel profile for facade substructure: 12 to;- Rolled sections: 2.
I- Mech-II - CHP-I Conveyor 6B and belt feeder 6B -Cutting and removal of existing worn out cradle supports- Providing new cradle supporting structure for conveyor 6B Cutting and removal of existing worn out vertical support structure with foundation 23 Nos - Fitting new vertical support structure with foundation 23 Nos.
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