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Synonyms for supporter

Synonyms for supporter

one who supports and adheres to another

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

Synonyms for supporter

a band (usually elastic) worn around the leg to hold up a stocking (or around the arm to hold up a sleeve)


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a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise

References in classic literature ?
The young men whom we before called guardians may be more properly designated auxiliaries and supporters of the principles of the rulers.
To these encroachments, time and ignorance, the two great supporters of imposture, gave authority; and thus many rules for good writing have been established, which have not the least foundation in truth or nature; and which commonly serve for no other purpose than to curb and restrain genius, in the same manner as it would have restrained the dancing-master, had the many excellent treatises on that art laid it down as an essential rule that every man must dance in chains.
Partisans of Rouletabille fought with the supporters of Frederic Larsan.
There is a fine avenue of a mile long leading to the house, and the woman at the lodge-gate (over the pillars of which are a serpent and a dove, the supporters of the Crawley arms), made us a number of curtsies as she flung open the old iron carved doors, which are something like those at odious Chiswick.
This is one of my most faithful supporters," said Korsunsky, bowing to Anna Arkadyevna, whom he had not yet seen.
There were as many women as men among the jostling supporters.
There were boys' races and girls' races, races of young women and old women, of fat men and fat women, sack races and three-legged races, and the contestants strove around the small track through a Bedlam of cheering supporters.
The black-haired racer, backed by a dozen supporters, was climbing the outside stairs to the judges.
Tim's supporters strove to hold him off the floor so that his hand would still be above the grasping hands that shot up.
Were it worth the enquiry, it would be found that more than a just proportion of the renowned names of the mother- country are, at this hour, to be found in her ci-devant colonies; and it is a fact well known to the few who have wasted sufficient time to become the masters of so unimportant a subject, that the direct descendants of many a failing line, which the policy of England has seen fit to sustain by collateral supporters, are now discharging the simple duties of citizens in the bosom of this republic.
Upon this terrific denunciation, the supporters of the two candidates interfered, and after the friends of each party had quarrelled in pairs, for three-quarters of an hour, Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, touched his hat to the Honourable Samuel Slumkey; the Honourable Samuel Slumkey touched his to Horatio Fizkin, Esquire; the band was stopped; the crowd were partially quieted; and Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, was permitted to proceed.
An effective conversion funnel, the track a supporter takes navigating a website and finally converting to an action, is a vital part of the process in turning casual viewers into long-term supporters.
This resulted in gunfire were an HDP supporter reportedly shot at two rival party supporters, who later died, having succumbed to injury.
Cardiff City welcomes the work undertaken by the Supporters Trust and will discuss their findings in a meeting with supporter group representatives," said a club spokesman.
The event on July 26 brings together fans from across the UK and Europe from clubs and supporter organisations to debate the issues at the heart of the game.
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