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Antonyms for supported

sustained or maintained by aid (as distinct from physical support)


held up or having the weight borne especially from below


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The number of persons with disabilities entering the workforce through supported employment services continues to increase (McGaughey, Kiernan, McNally, Gilmore, & Keith, 1995; West, Revell, & Wehman, 1992), escalating the need for qualified supported employment professionals.
This article describes the Job Coach Network--an intervention used to address typical work related issues which often result in feelings of isolation and frustration and in high turnover for supported employment job coaches.
This result is consistent with an earlier poll taken in August 2005 indicating that 83 percent of area residents supported the bid effort.
Recent legislation including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and final Federal Supported Employment Regulations promote the concepts that all individuals, regardless of severity of disability, have the ability to work, given they are motivated and have individually developed supports.
In accordance with this policy, all releases of SSA Global solutions are and will continue to be supported as long as a customer is willing to invest in maintaining the product.
The phrase, "natural workplace supports" has become the new buzzword in the field of rehabilitation and supported employment.
Teams of analysts and experts working together to address complex customer issues is the right customer support model, but it is not supported by the CRM vendors today," said Anthony Lye, ePeople, president and CEO.
Over the past ten years, the supported employment movement has made considerable progress placing individuals into competitive employment in integrated work settings.
By and large, supported employment services that emphasize individual rather than group placements have followed a particular program model widely known as the job coach model.
Combining our resources allows us to provide an unbeatable offering to Support Net solutions providers, fully addressing their needs for well supported, comprehensively featured and aggressively priced remote connectivity solutions.
Supported employment is a delivery model that has developed over the last 10-12 years as an alternative to the flow-through continuum of vocational and employment services.
Tier 1 technical support provides customers with 24 X 7 telephone support, problem severity callback, unlimited number of callers, and unlimited number of calls for a fee of 12 percent of the list price of the products supported, multiplied by the total number of such products throughout the enterprise.
Supported employment has become a cornerstone of new state and federal initiatives to improve the quality of life of persons with severe disabilities (Will, 1984; Elder, 1984; US Department of Education, 1984).
At ESC West, Metrowerks announced support for additional microprocessors, new CodeWarrior releases for the proprietary operating systems already supported, support for new real-time operating systems, planned support for Windows CE 2.
This article discusses how the supported employment model can meet the vocational needs of individuals with psychiatric disabilities.
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