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capable of being borne though unpleasant

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If the Board supportably finds that the reasons advanced by the employer are either insufficient or pretextual, the violation is deemed proven.
Although appellants and others have argued that New York City's transferable development rights program is far from ideal, the New York courts here supportably found that, at least in the case of the Terminal, the rights afforded are valuable.
Then the value of the tangible personal property (FF&E) and of the intangible assets (including the value of the hotel name and affiliation with TAG, as well as working capital and assembled/trained workforce) must be deducted from going concern value before the market value of the real property may be properly and supportably estimated.
This core strength, coupled with the diverse call center and operations experience of John Fink, one of the company's new principals, provides an unmatched ability to deliver a system that precisely fits a customer's needs - supportably, affordably, and fully able to be upgraded.
Special assessments are an appropriate funding mechanism for public improvements only when the beneficiaries of the improvements are identifiable and when the benefits can be supportably quantified for each beneficiary.
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