supply officer

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a commissioned officer responsible for logistics

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Nicol retired after 29 years of active service while serving as force supply officer, Commander Submarine Force, U.
The Air Force needs to do the same thing with its supply officer and other logistics functional career fields.
Moreau's operational assignments include chief of staff, United States Forces, Afghanistan Operational Contract Support Cell; Joint Task Force, North Korea; supply officer, USS NIMITZ (CVN 68); supply officer, USS PONCE (LPD 15); supply officer, USS LA MOURE COUNTY (LST 1194); and disbursing/sales/supply officer, USS GARY (FFG 51).
Supply officers around the globe can track the use and re-supply status of repair parts, consumables, etc.
Hagedorn retired after 35 years of service while serving as Supply Officer, Naval Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme, California.
Every supply officer should experience the great opportunity of an expeditionary tour to give themselves a different perspective on both the Navy and supply system.
Albert Biloung the district supply officer is amazed.
At sea, he served as supply officer, USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71); supply officer, USS Ulysses S.
The keynote speaker was Sean Kelley, talent acquisition leader, North America Operations and Customer Service at Amazon, and former submarine supply officer.
Dunlevy retired with 25 years of active service while serving as Supply Officer, Naval Air Station, North Island, San Diego, California.
We are pleased to extend our relationship with AMD for these important Flash memory devices that will support products in all parts of our business," said Jose Mejia, vice president and chief supply officer at Lucent Technologies.
The Supply Officer was notified and immediately called the HSP and requested they take the second tent down because it was outside of the scope of what was requested.
Navy Commander and Supply Officer with 22 years of U.
As the Supply Officer, the mission of his department is to ensure maintenance has the parts, equipment, and resources to keep the aircraft flying; "You can't fly without supply," he noted.
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