supply line

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a route over which supplies can be delivered


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He said that the government had directed the SNGPL to lay additional supply line from I.
Sources said that, the victim, who was the resident of Seri Chock, and a student of class three drowned due to leakage of water from main supply line of Sumli dam and uncovered manhole.
Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) will replace old water supply lines, worth Rs20 million, beginning in the densely populated area of Banni.
Accordingly, the municipality will cease supplying rural farms with water through mobile tankers, except for the Razeen area, which will continue to receive water tankers pending the completion of the new fresh water supply line.
After Pakistan closed the NATO supply line, surface cargo arrives in Afghanistan from the north, along a patchwork of Central Asian rail and road routes, called as the Northern Distribution Network by Pentagon.
ANKARA, Aug 23, 2010 (TUR) -- Two supply lines will be constructed at Turkey's borders with Georgia and Iraq as part of the Nabucco Natural Gas Pipeline project.
Testing the flame heater also ensures that fuel is in the fuel supply line the next time you start your vehicle.
We are pleased to inform you that the plant commenced part of its operations on October 7, 2005 by setting up a temporary fuel supply line as an impermanent measure, as follows:
The Premier Security Card supply line includes embedded hologram cards, opacity mark cards, color-shifting ink cards, protective laminates, and hand-applied peel-and-stick laminates.
Old Navy - the cool store for the young and hip human being - has finally launched its Dog Supply line.
Determine the depth of your water supply line by digging a hole around the old sprinkler.
This reduces power supply line capacitance in critical areas, allowing the power supply line potential to be dropped to a low potential at high speed.
170 m supply line pe 180x10,7 open laying with connection of 10 tw ha including surface and earthworks, - approx.
A tender for connecting I-10 sector with main water supply line would be publicized in a couple of days, Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Mayor Islamabad, Sheikh Ansar Aziz said.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian army soldiers and Hezbollah fighters continued attacking the strongholds of the terrorist groups in the Northern countryside of Aleppo and cut off possibly the last supply line of the militants in the region, military sources said Tuesday.
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