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a closet for storing supplies

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In a fit of squawks and shrieks, the bird flew in crooked circles before escaping into the supply closet through its open door.
According to the report, Jacob coolly followed school protocol, blocking the library entrance with a file cabinet before steering the youngsters into the supply closet.
Face-to-face time with colleagues, superiors and subordinates is important, both formally (meetings, projects, emergencies) and informally (via the supply closet, water cooler, parking lot).
James is well-known in the Lubbock area for his involvement in the firing of Texas Tech football head coach Mike Leach after Leach allegedly locked James's son, Adam, in a supply closet after Adam suffered a concussion.
The 6-by-10 supply closet was full of unlabeled boxes filled with assorted dental supplies.
One at a time he takes the ducks out of his rucksack, and hands them to Gunny who lines them up in their supply closet, on top of the bleach containers.
Then people started requesting them and the department opened a small shop in a supply closet in 1993.
I make approximately 8 trips a shift to the supply closet.
When they're not making passionate love in the supply closet they're busy saving lives all by themselves: they infuse solutions and IV medications; they set up and maintain cardiac bypasses (look ma, no nurses
Recently, a mother and daughter team from the church, Linnea and Naomi Youngsma, cleaned out a supply closet at the church to make a permanent place to store the clothing.
When one funeral home ran out of storage space, he stepped into an unlit supply closet, tripped over a corpse on the floor and then fell onto another one.
Which means I can only spend it on Sojourners back issues and stuff in our supply closet.
Like it or not, working the double Ds and double Xs is more effective with the Trumps than coming out of the supply closet like Rosie O, with power staplers blazing.
From the medicine cabinet to the bath and shower, from the cleaning supply closet to in and under the sink, to the car and to the garage, Spongeables products offer engaging cleaning solutions.
Scrantz immediately left the room and began walking to the supply closet, where he located and obtained a bottle of Betadine.