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Synonyms for supply

Synonyms for supply

to act as a substitute

to relinquish to the possession or control of another

Synonyms for supply

an amount of something available for use

offering goods and services for sale

Related Words


give something useful or necessary to

circulate or distribute or equip with

state or say further

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Underinvestment in downstream capacity accounts for perhaps a further 30 percent of the supply constraint.
Hurricanes, accidents, and acts of God have also contributed to supply loss.
The DoD supply system is a global network of capability that brings together DoD and commercial capability to support the warfighter.
Our extraordinary DLA teammate has established a global network of companies with proven capability, ready to supply units anywhere.
A best-practice template is just not slapped into place to manage the supply chain; instead, the neural net actually interacts with real-time supply chain information, and then decides on a course of action.
The Institute also agrees that the current place of supply rules for services are no longer appropriate for most B2B transactions.
A key tool in building the integrated NVC is the NVC index, which enables companies to assess their supply chain capabilities, comparing its current practices to best practices.
Customers not only benefit from rapid access to supply chain collaboration software, but since SupplyChain.
94 is expected, which will lead to a supply surplus of 90,000 tons.
These partnerships must be punctuated with service-level agreements specifically delineating performance objectives for each critical part of the supply chain.
In 1999, growing supply was dragging demand upward and the Fed was imagining "excess demand" In 2001, plunging supply was pulling demand down and the Fed was imagining "excess supply.
In the case of the supply of credits, we have assumed that they do not carry a right to be paid money (i.
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